Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well it that time of the year again.

The kids decorated the Christmas tree and yes it looks like the Christmas decoration store exploded onto our tree but hey the kids had a great time doing it.

We have just had our annual Santa photo taken and I think it is hilarious that everyone thinks that you cant get six children around Santa.

It was a lot of fun this year as our youngest was really excited to see the big man in red and also I had to laugh she asked him for a phone?????

After seeing Santa we took Grandad out for lunch to the local RSL and had a beautiful meal and not too over priced either.

I have all finished doing all my Christmas shopping now its only time to pick up all the laybys and then the fun part, wrapping them all lol.

Merry Christmas

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Princess T turns 9

Well it turned out to be an overcast day and not too hot which was great and everyone had a great time. Of course she got totally spoilt with her gifts and loves them all.

The thing I love about T is she genuinely seems to appreciate it when she gets a gift.

We didn't take photos of when people were here as we were having too much fun and too busy lol. But I did take photos of T as she was opening here gifts.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Havin a pool party

I have to laugh I think I have been watching Blues clues far to much I cant get Steve out of my head singing "We're having a pool party, a pool party" Lol. Yes I should not have the tv going that much.
Our daughter is having a pool party this coming Saturday with a couple of friends over and their families so I had to get the family into the cleaning mood.

So yesterday I had enough I am sick to death of walking outside and finding paper everywhere and wondering how much more paint the children can put onto the glass table. Whether we can finally mow the grass and not have to see broken toys laying all over the backyard anymore.

So after finally convincing the children that if we clean up the yard then go for a swim it would be better because then we could relax. Well it took a while but we finally got it done. The kids started off helping but then it got too hard and too hot and then the whining began.

This is the finished product with DH on the decking and the kids in the pool. Now I just have to keep the pool from going green before then lol.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am still here

Okay I know I haven't been here for a long time but I have been busy!!!

I have had a birthday yes I am another year older and still no wiser than before??? The baby chickens are doing well and not looking so cute anymore??? OK they are still sort of cute but they are looking bigger lol and still not used to being carried around all the time???

Let me see what to complain about first???


OK we have only had the pool up and running since September and in that time it has been green twice and $700 worth of chemicals later it is finally looking sparkling clear. I never realised exactly how much work goes into a pool. I mean I had an idea but truly didn't realise that I would be the one doing all the work, in saying that though I am the one that is more concerned about things than my dear husband is. I am the one that must get all the leaves out of it and the one that tests it all the time lol. Just another chore for me to do???


I have had my mobile phone for almost two years with 3 mobile and I have not had a problem I am on a great plan and I almost always get service, but my mums phone was on my plan and until I got her off my plan I had to keep the phone I have. No my phone has been a great phone but ....

It has been in the toilet, been dropped a hundred times and no longer stays open when you flip it open? So I thought now mum is off my plan I can get a new phone.

You would think so but NO!!!!!! I am still not eligible for a new phone. My mum (who had had her phone for less time than I have) is entitled to a new phone? The worst part is though that I can t change phone carriers because then I cant ring my mum and sil for free and being interstate from them I need this . So I have to suck it up and wait until my contract with this phone is completed and then upgrade for free!!!!!
OK enough complaining now I feel better.
I should be cleaning the house but I have come to the conclusion that the kids will be home in 3 hours and mess it up again so I will let it go and wait till they go to sleep and then clean the house that way it will stay clean for at leasts 8 hours lol.
Mum and Dad get here soon not sure when though I told them that I want it to be a surprise so I just know its after the weekend.
OK I promise I will be back again soon...........................

Monday, October 22, 2007

Our Baby Chickens

Oh it was excitment plus in our house yesterday our chicken has been nesting for what seems like forever and yesterday we found a little chicken in the nest. There was another one this morning and 8 more hopefully to still hatch.
I took a video and Im hoping that it will upload onto here.
I think it may have worked? I have 6 children now all wanting to take them to school for news lol. They will soon be used to children real quick.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Snake

Yes you read correctly ANOTHER bloody snake in my house.

Ok I will go back for all of you that haven't been called recently.

I had a 6 foot python inside my lounge room, before you all panic not on the floor up on the top of the bessa bricks inside and it was not poisonous (although I still freaked right out), it was apparently because it was so nice and warm in my house. Mind you with 6 children, 3 dogs ,1 cat I don't see how a snake could live here because of the constant noise???

Any hoo I called on my local knight in shining flannelet and he and my lovely friend came to my rescue and caught the snake and removed it from my house much to my pleasure.

Nana and Grandad were still here and I could not call them because then I would have lost sight of the snake and I could not have been able to sleep in here not knowing where it was lol.

Well 2 nights ago my youngest son was in bed and came running down the stairs saying there was noises coming from his room and he couldn't sleep because he was scared. So brave mum goes up says get back into bed and I sat on his bed to have a listen for these noises, low and behold if I don't hear the same familiar noise that I had only heard a few weeks ago of a SNAKE. Now for all of you that want to know what this sounds like well then get you hand and place it onto your leg now slowly run it down your leg. That is what it sounds like.

Well straight away I said to my son you better go get mummy's phone and I rang my knight to save me lol. (M was not home so he couldn't help me he was at tafe just like the last time there was a snake in here.) So they get here and it was in the roof and he contorts himself into the roof because the man hole is inside a cupboard and he said it wasn't real happy lol. But he got it and it was 7 feet long and healthy looking ( no wonder it feeds on all the mice in the house lol) and takes it outside and I took this photo. I wasn't stressed this time I was calm and scarily have come to terms with the possibility there may be more up there lol.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Rain

I really should have done this post before the pool but I though hey who really cares? Nana and Grandad took some photos of the rain we had and we had about 247 mm I think? It may have been more?

Our Pool

Well again my DH has been so productive and has built the family a pool it is 10.5 meters x 5.5 meters and he yet has to build the decking which will go around the end of the pool and along the side nearest the fence line and he said there will eventually be a slide into the pool also. It didnt look as big when it was just outlined on the ground but since the walls have gone up it looks ginormous lol.

We did have a delay as you can see with the 247mm of rain we had after the first load of sand which ran away with the rain but then the rain went away and we finally got a chance to get the rest up ( well DH, Nana and Grandad did).

DH could not have done as much as he did if Nana and Grandad werent here. Thankyou both so much for all your help. He said that it will be up and running by the start of the school holidays which is only about 4 weeks away and the kids reckon they will be swimming lol we'll see.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Career

Well guess what I have decided to be a Body Shop at home consultant which to all my friend that live in built up suberbia means nothing but believe me to us country folk that dont have a body shop store in our local shopping centre we cant get enough....

I told all my friends at school this afternoon and three of them told me they would have a party and were excited for me because now there is someone they can buy off regularly.

So wish me luck.........................

Monday, August 20, 2007

Our little man is 7

Well our youngest son has turned 7 and I cant believe how quickly it has come around. He got absolutely spoilt as per usual, this year for his birthday he got a visit from Nana and grandad which was his best present I would say. For his birthday I told him he could either have a party or some friends stay over for the night and go to the movies or bowling, as there was nothing on at the movies we went bowling and he had 2 girls and himself and another boy there. I took a cake to school for him to share with his class and they all loved it, Chocolate mud cake of course.then home to play and have fun outside and in lol. then on Sunday we had soccer gala day, it rained all day and was miserable weather, but the boys enjoyed themselves and still played in the rain. It hasn't stopped since then though and we are currently up to 147 mm of rain and I am over it. Harry Potter is going well I am up to Goblet of Fire and cant wait to get more than one chapter into it lol.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Down

I have completed the first of many Harry Potter books and thoroughly enjoyed it and have swiftly moved onto the next in the series and now the children are fighting over who is going to read the book first lol.
I always knew that reading the book was far better than watching the movie, I cant wait to get into the next book and back to Hogwarts for the adventures..............................

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Im Sorry

I'm sorry, I have been extremely slack and not blogged for what seems like an eternity. I have no excuse but just not having bothered.
Although not too much has been going on, I actually got really hooked on a site where I could do puzzles online and found any spare time I had I was doing a puzzle lol, sad I know but true, well after reading http://merrymunchkindesigns.blogspot.com/ about the Harry Potter series I found I needed to read them to see why she is so enthralled with it all. I must say though I haven't done a puzzle since I bought the first book and haven't been able to do anything else in my spare time now other than read lol. I find myself reading at the table in the morning now whilst having my brekkie and enjoying it.
I do like to read but as I have found in the past as soon as I even try to read the paper the kids want my attention, so now I am reading Harry Potter they are leaving me alone because I told them that when I finish it they can take turns in reading it lol.
Other things that are happening lately are: Nana and Grandad have come for a holiday to bring us Missy their beautiful dog so as that way when they want to go away they can. It is nice to see them again and the kids love it when they are here.
Poor M is so sick today we went out last night and he had a few to drink but he has not been out of bed as yet and it is now 2:06pm poor thing hope its only a hang over and nothing more serious I don't want the rest of us to get it.
Well I have some spare time now and really want to get back to my book I'm over 100 pages into it and its getting good.......

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Change of Name

Well yesterday I officially became Mrs R I went to three of the places to change my name and still have a couple to go too. But its funny the lady at the RTA said sign your old name and then your new name and I was like "Ummmmm" I hadnt signed my new name before and I didnt know how to sign??? So I signed it very similar to what I do now lol. The pain in the bum part is though you cant just use your marriage certificate that you get from the church, you have to get the official one from Births, Deaths and Marriages at a fee.

But it is all done now and next one on the list is little K we are changing her surname to the same as ours, P wants his name changed too but he cant until the sperm donor signs a form and gives him permission.

Not much else has been happening here though. K's cow Juicy is going to the farm tomorrow as she is getting too big and keeps breaking the wire that she is tied up too. We will only see her once a fortnight now lol.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Floods

Ok so I know on the news you guys have seen some shocking photos of the flood waters, but let me tell you they are no where near where we are. We did flood for one day but that was it and I know these photos are a bit old ( it flooded on the 8th of June) but here are a couple that I did take.

I went to the shop before school to get some change for the kiddies sponsorship forms had to be back in and heaven forbid we take all the money in together no they all had to have it separate for the bloody prizes they could win? When I got to the shop the water was up but no where near in the photos and they were frantically trying to get everything up off the floor in case it came in. I said to them I will go drop the kids at school and come back and give them a hand. By the time I had dropped the kids off and I mean just stopping right up next to the gate and taking two at a time in with the umbrella then back in the car to the shop the water was already at least another 20 cms higher than it was!

I parked my car around the back because that was higher ground and went in to help out now all I had planned for that morning was come home and have a workout, I had my workout and then some lol. I was carrying cartons of beer from the front to the fridge near the back and boxes of wine bottles I was buggered but we did it and got everything up off the floor, taped the bottoms of the doors with gaffa tape and then hoped it didn't rise more.

It didn't come in but every four wheel drive that went through the water made a back wash come up and come close but none came in thank god. The ladies in the shop couldn't believe I had come back to help but as I said to them if they close down I have to go without bread and milk and I would have to pay extra for it ( they sell the cheapest bread and milk.)

At 9:30 the school rang and asked if I could come get the kids and lol I had to say no, I couldnt get my tarago out so they said ok well when you can. It wasnt till I heard some thunder and then saw a dog out in the rain that I thought OMG my dogs and when I saw an SES vehicle come by and they stopped and asked how we were I hitched a ride home and when the water went down, which was as soon as it stopped raining one of the owners of the shops bought my car home lol. The river came up but I didnt take a picture of that I took video and I wish I could work out how to put a video onto my blog to show you all. By the way the water near that sign is knee deep and that is the side of the road!!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Sil

Eleven and a half years ago I was fortunate enough to have my brother marry this most fantastic lady, and finally we have a great photo of the two of us together. Sil is my best friend and someone I can talk to about anything and she always listens to my problems and helps me out with decisions I make. Without all her help before the wedding I think I may have gone mad. I miss her after her being here for a holiday and cant wait till we get together again. Thank you for being my Sil. xoxo

Friday, June 01, 2007

Our new toy

Well M has been on ebay again and look what he has purchased for us to play with!!!!!

The cover will not come off unless we are playing because as I said to M "The cat will sleep on it" and I will not be happy if I have to brush it every time we play. Can you see the pool cues on the wall and also the score board for snooker? I have to learn how to play snooker now lol. So look out sil and little brother we will be pool champions next time you come visit lol.

Very exciting though and it wasnt just a case of putting it there, we had to take out a pole that was there and M had to put a big steel pole up to support where the pole was. It makes the outside area look totally different now. I will have to take a better photo and post it at a later date......

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Sheepychic scarf

I have finally gotten around to putting a picture up of my beautiful Sheepychic scarf that I knitted for myself before I got married lol. I had to wait for my mum to get here and show me how to cast on and I didnt do any pearl just plain knit (baby steps).

I really enjoyed doing it though and I think I will need to get some more wool in future and knit some for my girls as they love mine and I have had to put it into a drawer so as to stop the munchkin from wearing it all the time lol.

It smells lovely and is sooo warm.

Thankyou so much sheepychic for your beautiful yarn http://www.sheepychic.blogspot.com please go visit her for some beautiful yarns.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Honeymoon

What a fabulous honeymoon we had.

We stayed at Kings Cross and we saw only a few eye openers lol.

Lets see Day One:
We left home about 7:00 am and got to Newcastle and met M's Aunt and Uncle and they let us keep our car there for the next couple of days,and also dropped us off at the train station. I was very excited because the trains are two storey lol and I had never been on one. So once we got on and got about an hour down the track we both realised that we should have eaten before getting on the train or at least bought some food with us lol. It was a relaxing trip there and then we finally get into Sydney and go straight to the Motel and check out the room, to find that our room is on the 6th floor and our view was a tennis court and some buildings so me being me goes downstairs to the reception and ask if there is a chance we can get a room on the other side of the motel so our view would be better and they say ok and we change and then we have the spectacular view of the harbour, opera house, harbour bridge and the city skyline. K was happy lol. We decide then to go for a walk to check out a little around our temporary home for the next couple of days and walked into the city went to paddys market and got cold inside so bought ourselves jumpers and jacket and also hats lol and had a cuppa at Starbucks and walked past Hyde park then we walked back and had something to eat at the pub across from where we stayed and had to laugh because we ordered in the pub and the food came from the take away next door lol. Then we went back to the room had a rest, then went to Bondi Junction for an explore and decided to have dinner at the Bondi junction RSL and the food was fantastic and the vegies I could have eaten another plate load full of them lol. Then back to the room for some more quite time and some rest because as I said to M we have alot to see and he needs to save his energy to keep up lol. Did I happen to mention the weather was perfect?

Day Two: We got up and had breakfast at a nice little cafe in darlinghurst street which in case some of you don't know is the main street in Kings cross and for those of you that don't know me that well I wanted to eat there to take in everything that goes on early Saturday morning lol and alot goes on lol. Then we headed off to catch our transport for the next couple of days the Sydney City Sight seeing double decker bus (http://www.city-sightseeing.com/) which is open up the top and what a fabulous time we had on that it cost us $48 each for 48 hours get on and off as we please and they ran every twenty minutes its route was as in the picture we were staying near the coke sign so to give you an idea of how our trip was. We got off at The Opera House and looked around there and had some fun and also went to the rocks market and had a look around there. We ended up having dinner at circular quay and it was beautiful packed but still lovely and then we went to the casino "Star city" and had a look around and put some money into the pokies lol.

Day Three:Mothers day lol totally forgot until when we were having breakfast and this elderly woman( who knows what nationality she was we couldn't really understand her) said happy mothers day and I realised what day it was lol. So we rang our mums and spoke to the kiddies and again got asked by K "how many sleeps till you come home?" lol every night we spoke to the kids. We went to Centre point tower today and what a spectacular view it was I couldn't believe how pretty the whole city was. I don't have any photos of this but lots of movies. Then we went to the main mall Pitt street mall and had lunch in the food court and what choices we had lol M wanted to come back there for dinner and lunch the next day lol. We then caught a ferry across the harbour and went to check out Luna Park now let me tell you M and myself are not the ride type people but still wanted to have a look that's me in the mouth lol and it was very interesting but I couldn't see the whole big deal about the place but the ferry ride was lovely and we took the whole ride just to enjoy it lol.We had dinner in Kings cross at this restaurant that was interesting big meal but I wasn't too impressed with it.

Day three: We got up this morning and my feet were killing me from not wearing walking shoes lol should've packed my runners lol realise that now and M's legs were hurting him from not being used to walking so much. So we had brekkie in kings cross cant remember where lol and then caught our bus to go to Bondi beach and tour that area and we had a half an hour stop in Bondi or we could stay for two hours but as we discussed with each other our feet were killing us and we would have just sat on the grass at bondi and not been able to go look at the shops and stuff there so we got back on the bus and went back into the city lol. Had lunch and then rested so we could go out for dinner. We went out for dinner in the main eatery in Kings cross and the meal was beautiful and huge and the strangest thing was that my brother was in Sydney and we were having dinner and there was this group of four guys sort of behind us and I could have sworn it was my brother now for those of you that know me you know my brother and what he looks like who would've thought there could be two of them? I kept staring and looking and the guys caught me and I had to explain why I had been looking over all the time whilst on my honeymoon with my husband lol and they thought it was funny and let me take a photo, it was dark and I have tried to lighten the photo but you can still make him out and see that he does look like my brother from the side on view

Day Four:

We got up early today and went and had brekkie at Central train station we wanted to get home fairly early before the kids got home from school any way. We got on the train at 8:15 in the morning and headed home and the funny thing is M is always saying to me about how I talk to any schmo anywhere and when we got onto the train M made a friend well as M tells it the other guy made a friend and poor M just had to listen to him for two hours lmao I thought it was hilarious anyway. Well we got home alright and the kids were really excited to see us and it was a fantastic time with beautiful weather and fabulous company. I am so glad I married my husband and could not have had a better time if I tried.