Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well another Christmas gone

Well I have experienced being one of those mothers in Emergency on Christmas day.... D had a bit of an accident where the metal pedal of his cousins pushbike went into his shin as he was jumping a dirtpile(as you do) so 5 stitches later and 2 hours (which wasnt bad considering it was xmas day) gone out of the day we returned home. Certainly has slowed him down though he's to take it easy for 10 days which is terribly hard. Other than that we all had a great day it did rain on and off but it was still warm enough to be sitting outside and the kids to have a swim in the pool. I got a lamp to use while cross stitching and I was amazxed that M even went and got a cool white globe for me which makes the colours so much easier to see. I have almost finished my cross stitch but ran out of colour so I have to make a trip to spotlight. I hope everyone else had a great day. I must say I misssed seeing my neice and nephew on xmas day, more than I expected actually.......

Thursday, December 21, 2006

preschool graduation

Well J has graduated from preschool and had her concert where they performed "Wombat Stew". Everyone did very well and had a great night the big man Santa turned up and gave the kids lollies which they gobbled up. A great night had by all. Then got to see a few christmas lights on the way home which the kids had a great time looking at. We hope to go looking at more tonight and saturday night.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Isnt this gorgeous

This blog isnt about anything other than its party week all week at preschool and I got the girls dressed for the day and took this and when I put it on the pc had to share it with you all. Mind you about 10 minutes later K changed out of what she had on because she said Quote "Not pretty Mum" lmao

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The next Andy Roddick

My little man has completed his first tennis competition and never mind that he didnt come first,second or third but he still competed and did well and his eye/hand co-ordination is fantastic and Im hoping that because he enjoys it that he will keep it up. Maybe is Im lucky he will end up being the next Andy Roddick lol. We went to a tennis comp in a town near here and C got to be coached by "Ken Rosewall" it was great here is a pic of them together

Monday, December 11, 2006

T's room

Here we have our young lady's new room. I can tell you she absolutely loves it and when she came home literally jumped in the air that it was finished. ( I told her I didnt have time lol) It amazes me though that she doesnt keep it as clean as her brother keeps his room, which is surprising to me. Well M is happy though because now he can move onto another project around the house that he wants to do lol.

P's Room

Well its finally finished and I must say in record time. Our young man now has his own rooom and he just loves it and I am pleased to say that so far he takes a lot of pride in his room and makes every effort to pull up his doona and keep the floor clean of clothes and other stuff. I said to him its his choice how he keeps it but I would prefer he kept it clean. All I need to do now is get some curtains which can wait till after xmas.

Monday, December 04, 2006

That time of the year

Well HO HO HO we put our lights on the other night and the kids love it M had so much fun putting them up. They look very affective when it is darker. We have some icicle blue lights which are hard to see I think the spotlight on Santa makes it too bright but without the spotlight you wouldnt see Santa.


I would like to show you all my new hobbie lol. I have been walking early hours of the morning and really enjoying the sunrise and have been taking photos with my mobile and not really liking the photos because the quality just isnt there. So the other day I though bugger this Im going to take my camera and thought who cares if when Im walking and I pass everyone that I dont look too bad carrying a camera case, a mp3 player and walking two dogs lol. But anyway I took some pics anyway and these are what I got I really enjoy looking at them and seeing the difference that a few minutes makes

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our Princesses

My three little princesses were flower girls last weekend in a wedding and they did a fantastic job. They looked absolutely adorable also. The wedding itself was a wake up call for me though as I realise now that I have to organise everything as the wedding was not organised at all. We sat outside in the sun with no shade and the kids got sunburnt. The flys were absolutely everywhere and they had no covers on the food (yuk) the food was nice but the bride is from the phillipines and therefore alot of spicy type food which we dont eat lol. The only reason we were there though is beacuse they wanted the girls as flower girls. Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


OMG I never realised how much I actually used my pc until friday the 17th of November we had a power black out from a storm while I was out and I had left the pc on. Well the power came back on but the computer did not. Poor M and myself didnt realise what it was like to not have the pc, M being such an ebay junkie and myself finding out how much I truly missed not talking to my mum everyday online and also reading blogs on a daily basis. I have so much to tell everyone but I have to go paint today the second coat of paint on tiffs room.

Friday, November 17, 2006


I have finally figured out how to put my movies from my new camera onto the computer and then onto disc unfortunately though they only go in 30 min lots so far lol. But I can put the photos that I take on there also and I toook these two photo bored at the pool last week one is of my hand and the other is a little sore on C thumb I was impressed at the quality with the zoom lol. My hubbie didnt think much of them but I was amazed at it lol. Small things amuzed small minds lmao.

Monday, November 13, 2006

A great time of the day

Now I know you are all going to think me just abit loopy ( more than usual) but I just love getting up at 5:30 in the morning and going for a walk with my dogs.
Now I know its good for me but two weeks ago I actually hurt my back and I dont actually know how but I think it is finally mending itself although I am going to go see the doctor today about it incase I need to go see a chiropractor. But since I hurt my back I havent been walking and missing it and this morning I got up and went for a walk and the view was spectacular. I took this photo (with my mobile)which is as you come out of our street heading into town and the white in the bottom is actually fog but it had lifted by the time I came home. It is really serene though and I am such a city girl though that I look at things like the cows still laying in the paddock and get excited that three kangaroos jumped across the road in front of me lol. Well just though I would share it with you all. Have to make a move got things to do today we are going to pick up a new bed for D so he can have his drumkit in his room.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Go visit Nana

Hey there to all my blog visitors. Please do me a favour and go visit Nana she now has her own blog so go check her out it would make her day.
Shes flat out busy at the moment but give her time to catch up with us all lol.
Love to all

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm sooooo spoilt

Have a look what I got for my birthday from DH. I feel so lucky I have wanted one of these for such a long long time and now I own one.
Its a Canon dvd camcorder.
The compact DC100 conveniently records straight to DVD for easy, instant playback on home DVD players. A powerful, precision 25x optical zoom combined with a DiG!C DV processor delivers outstanding, vivid footage rich in colour and clarity. With the DC100 you'll enjoy the freedom to choose bewteen both 4:3 and 16:9 shooting modes. Plus, you'll also enjoy the 2.7" LCD and high-speed USB connection for quick and easy transfer of images to a computer for editing and sharing.
I have been recording this morning but will do alot more once the weather fines up and I wont get wet we have had 20mm of rain over the last two days.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Geez my Man is Clever

How clever is my Man he is currently building two more bedrooms for our house and they are out the front where the balcony used to be and he has done everything himself he had some help from Nana and Grandad with gyprock lifting and the tin on the roof while they were here but other than that he's done it all himself and I have volunteered to paint it when its ready to be painted. The rooms are for P and T so they have their own rooms. The only ones that will them be sharing a room is J and K and they will be right sharing as they are the youngest.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time flys when your having fun

Well my friends I am sorry I have been absent from the world of blog but I have had 2 birthdays to organise, the school holidays to contend with, been away camping and then had the flu and out of it for 5 days.
OK where to begin..... lets see..... J turned 5 and we had a fairy party and had flutterby the fairy and she was fantastic value , it rained all day and she kept the kids all entertained for 2 hours. Well worth it and the kids all had a great time so it was a great day. Then P turned 8 and he was lucky enough to have nana and grandad here for that which was fantastic. We hope we havent scared nana and grandad from coming back though lol. Then we went camping to Bretti

which is about an hour and a half away from home here along a river and it was beautiful and we had a great time we only went for two nights but the time really dragged out which was great. Then when we got home M and I both came down with some virus stomach infection thing which knocked us both about and I actually spent all wednesday on the couch sleeping and Nan had to come and look after the kids for me ( for those of you that know me I dont normally get that sick). It is the last day of the holidays and I am still in my jammies at 1:22pm and not worrying about it at all.. I have more washing to do and it can wait too I need to finish blogging. We went to Port Maquarie yesterday but I will save that to add some photos too after.

I will be back soon but for now must fold some clothes and get K to have a rest otherwise she is really grumpy later in the day. Bye for now

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Second Car

Here is our new second car ( well second hand new. )
Its a Mitsubishi Pajero and its a seven seater so that way we can still fit all the kids into it and its lovely to drive.
Picked it up on tuesday and I cant wait till the tarago has to get serviced so I can drive it lol.
It has power windows and a sunroof and cruise control.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time flys

Isnt it amazing how time flys?
My little man turned six yesterday and I love birthdays but what I dont love is when they all fight because they all want to play with the toys at once even though there is about nine new toys so technically there should have been one toy each no they all wanted the one toy. I can laugh about it now but I tell you its a test. To see how much we can cope with before we snap lol. We did end up having a good day though and we went to the park after school and had a picnic with some friends from school so we all had a good day and then had icecream cake after dinner for his birthday so that pleased all the kiddies lol. Some other news I found another snake here yesterday next to the bathroom window the dogs were going nuts at it and by the time I went next door to let them know because it was on the fence line when I came back it was up under the rafters near the front of the house. I watched it for an hour then I lost it but the snake man came round at about 4:30 and checked all around the house in the gardens for me and couldnt find it so he reckons it would have moved on it was only a diamond python but it was still a snake of about 2.5 metres in length so still scary lol. The picture is one I took of the snakeman when he came here 4 weeks ago and collected one that P rode over on his bike by accident but the one yesterday was identical to it. Things to look forward to when the warmer weather comes I suppose......

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Timber town

Yes we went to Timber town on Sunday which is in Wauchope (just over an hours drive away) we actually went to pick up our new table but took a picnic and went to timber town also much like Soverign Hill but only a gold donation to get in and then you look around at the history the kids loved it as did we.
Although in saying that I tried to use a stock whip there and really hurt myself (stop laughing)I bruised my arm from where the whip hit me lol.
We also saw a horse that had a moustache which amazed the kids lol so I had to take a photo of it to show everyone lol.
Here are a few photos of the day.