Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have finished my cross stitching

Yes I have finally finished it and boy wasnt my DH glad his words were " I get my wife back now" ha ha

I am very pleased how it has turned out I only have to frame it now and that is the hard part lol I keep forgetting to take it with me when I go to the shops!
Nothing else has really been happening my Dh has started making holes in the ground for the new "Taj Mahal" of Cubby houses, so when that starts I will keep you updated.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

What a lovely way to start the day by the kids telling me that I have to stay in bed while they make me brekky which is really hard to involve six kids in doing this lol. But it was really nice and felt strange to be staying bed while the kids look after me lol.

I was telling my DH that this time last year we were on our honeymoon in Sydney wow!

I got some new digital scales which is what I asked for and they are great so we had to weigh everyone lol and it was nice to throw the old ones away they are that old they still have the weight in stones lol.

I am going really well with my cross stitching. Here is the latest photo

We also had our first anniversary party last weekend and had a group of friends over for a BBQ which was great and I gave my DH his present proudly created for me by Rick of and he loved it and is going to put on the wall near the pool table and his bar lol ( "that's going straight to the pool room").

Its hard to believe that it has been only one year it feels a lot longer than that and I have never been happier.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Im still here

Yes I know I haven't Blogged for such a long time but I have been really busy.

OK lets go back three weeks to me being all excited that in two days time I will be going on a holiday to Melbourne to catch up with all my friends and family that I haven't seen for two years almost.

My dh and I had driven to Newcastle for the day on our own and seen this cathedral that looked like a castle on a hill, it was beautiful and the best bit was you could climb the tower and check out the view which only cost us $3 each, so up we go.

Well let me tell you I am glad I lost weight before doing this because the staircase was so little and dark and like the old towers from the movies where it just winds up and up lol. But we made it and it was extremely worth it.

See isn't the view spectacular!

So the fight went well and mum and dad were there to meet me and take me back to their house.

I spent as much time as possible with my niece and nephew and my sil which was lovely. I got to see all my close friends and my sil took my to dfo in Essendon and we scored some real bargains.

It was nice to have time away from the family but I missed them terribly and I think next time it will have to be all of us that go on a holiday together.

Oh that's right another thing is when I got home we had a really heavy hail storm which hit quickly and then almost two whole weeks of rain we had over 18 inches of rain all during the school holidays, so needless to say I am over the rain but it hasn't rained in 6 days ( the kids went back to school )

I started cross stitching on the Friday before I left Melbourne as I was bored lol ( I know I don't get a chance to get bored at home) and here is my progress the first photo is when I first got home and the other is from a couple of nights ago. ( Ive been home three weeks ). Blogger wont let me load the other photo in this post so you will have to wait till the next post lol.

Also we all went to Port Maquarie last Saturday and the boys all went to see crusty demons and us girls got to hang out together so we went to the beach and then to the park which was fantastic.

Weightloss to date 12 kilos woo hoo..........

Friday, February 29, 2008

Well its been four weeks dieting!!!

OK four weeks on and I have lost a total of 5.9 kilos, which I am really pleased about . I have been eating alot healthier I still have the chocolate cravings but have manged to get away with eatin a little chocolate in moderation. My Dh has bought me a trewadmill that I have been wanting for ages and I cant wait to get it then I will be able to walk all the time lol, I wonder if I can help with homework while walking? Something to try no doubt lol.

Other news I have a new car WOO HOO.

It is a Mitsubishi Delica and its a four wheel drive imported from Japan so I have no clue what all the writing in the car says lol and we have a GPS but its in Japanese lol so I dont think we will be using that in a hurry. It is so nice to drive though very comfortable and you are sitting really high up. Yes it seats 8.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well it has been two weeks of dieting and let me tell you it still is a daily struggle. I wish I liked salad then maybe I could just live on that lol.
I had my weigh in and measure yesterday and I am pleased to announce I lost another 1.5 kilos and have lost 10 cms off my hips. I cant believe after all the excercise that I have not lost off my waist as it feels smalller???
Maybe its just in my head? Well at least they are loses though.
Well I must go M has taken the kids for a drive so I can go for a walk, so I better go

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Check this out!

I had a caricature done of M for chrismas and it turned out fantastic check out the Illustrators blog, he is so talented he is in America but I had to have one.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Im on my way

Well I am losing weight I have lost three kilos in thr first week WOO HOO!!!!!!!
I found it hard the first two days but now its great.
I get up in the morning before the alarm goes off and do 50 sit ups, push ups and squats ( I started on Monday and started with 30 reps) on the fit ball so I dont hurt my back.
I have changed my eating habits completely which is great.
Heres to week 2!!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Ive taken the first step!!!!!!!!!

Ok so it is day four of the dieting and I am coping so far. I felt starving for the first day but now am doing well. I went to the chemist and thought I should try this. I need to do something I am sick and tired of being this FAT!!! As I said to the lady at the chemist its not that I am unhappy I am the happiest in my life I have ever been , But I have a husband that loves me and doesnt care what size I am ( this doesnt help). I have high blood pressure too I found out, but as I said to my hubby Im not surprised my blood pressure was up I just got off the scales. He said what did they say? ( like I am going to tell him ???) I said they said " One at a time please!" He was happy with that answer.
So wish me luck I actually got up this morning and did 30 sit ups, 30 push ups and 30 squats. I know that is far too much to do in the morning s lol but I felt up to it for the first time in over a year.
Weigh in is on Friday so hopefully I will have lost lol.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a great holiday!!!!!

Well it is nearly the end of the holidays and I have to say I have truly enjoyed these holidays. The no routine and the being able to sleep in till at least 8 am( that is until I hear screaming or something making a huge thud on the ground upstairs.)

The best part was the surprise visit from my family in Melbourne I so miss them and the kids grow up so fast.

Even though the weather was terrible and they 8 kids had to stay inside for most of the time they were here, they still enjoyed themselves.

The unfortunate part is that I forgot to take photos of the kids together while they were here to post on my blog I did take a video of the fun in the pool so they may have to do.

My brother had to try get three children on his shoulders so our poor 11 yr old had to try lift them all onto his shoulders lol.

This is the first try.

The laughing is myself and my sister in law Oh my goodness I had such sore cheeks from laughing so much.

Then they tried again. Our four year old is an adrenalin junkie as you can see!!!!

Ok we have mastered the three lets try four????

Um nope that doesnt work raflmao!!!!!! What a great afternoon we had.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Our Baby is Four

Wow I cannot believe how time is flying.

It was our little girls fourth birthday yesterday and what a great day it was. We had a pool party and the weather was HOT!!!!The water temperature was 29 degrees.

I must admit that being flat out busy organising things yesterday morning by the time the kids got into the pool and asking my 13 yr old nephew to put sunscreen on the little ones that some of them did get forgotten and ended up with sun burnt faces but hey! they had a great day.

On another note my sil rang yesterday evening and spoke to the birthday girl and suggested that they should come up for a short holiday seeing as my brother has to work in Sydney for a few days, I said that would be a great idea and guess what ?............................. they are coming in two more sleeps WOO HOO. I think I am more excited than the children. I miss my neice and nephew terribly. I miss their parents too but the little ones grow up far too quickly and I never really knew my aunts and uncles and I dont want that to happen to my neice and nephew.
I cant wait!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well another year over

Well another year is over but a new one beginning.

We have had a great year and cannot believe it has flown by. I am extremely grateful for my family and for the support we have had throughout the year with our wedding and honeymoon and for having a fantastic sil that I can talk to anytime I have something to whine about or to just see what she is doing.

I am pleased to have made new contacts globally through the fabulous world of Blog and enjoy seeing how the other side of the globe lives lol.

We went to Tuncurry and watched the fireworks which were fantastic but it did get a bit chilly there (not as cool as the year before though) and we ended up with jumpers and long pants on but other than that the kids all made it too 9:30 which was when the fireworks were on and then we headed home to bed lol.

I have posted a few photos of Christmas for you all to enjoy.

Happy New Year to you all and hope you have a great 2008.

I am trying to load some picture through picture trail but it doesn't want to work for me I my just have to put a couple up here for you all to see