Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Career

Well guess what I have decided to be a Body Shop at home consultant which to all my friend that live in built up suberbia means nothing but believe me to us country folk that dont have a body shop store in our local shopping centre we cant get enough....

I told all my friends at school this afternoon and three of them told me they would have a party and were excited for me because now there is someone they can buy off regularly.

So wish me luck.........................

Monday, August 20, 2007

Our little man is 7

Well our youngest son has turned 7 and I cant believe how quickly it has come around. He got absolutely spoilt as per usual, this year for his birthday he got a visit from Nana and grandad which was his best present I would say. For his birthday I told him he could either have a party or some friends stay over for the night and go to the movies or bowling, as there was nothing on at the movies we went bowling and he had 2 girls and himself and another boy there. I took a cake to school for him to share with his class and they all loved it, Chocolate mud cake of course.then home to play and have fun outside and in lol. then on Sunday we had soccer gala day, it rained all day and was miserable weather, but the boys enjoyed themselves and still played in the rain. It hasn't stopped since then though and we are currently up to 147 mm of rain and I am over it. Harry Potter is going well I am up to Goblet of Fire and cant wait to get more than one chapter into it lol.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One Down

I have completed the first of many Harry Potter books and thoroughly enjoyed it and have swiftly moved onto the next in the series and now the children are fighting over who is going to read the book first lol.
I always knew that reading the book was far better than watching the movie, I cant wait to get into the next book and back to Hogwarts for the adventures..............................

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Im Sorry

I'm sorry, I have been extremely slack and not blogged for what seems like an eternity. I have no excuse but just not having bothered.
Although not too much has been going on, I actually got really hooked on a site where I could do puzzles online and found any spare time I had I was doing a puzzle lol, sad I know but true, well after reading about the Harry Potter series I found I needed to read them to see why she is so enthralled with it all. I must say though I haven't done a puzzle since I bought the first book and haven't been able to do anything else in my spare time now other than read lol. I find myself reading at the table in the morning now whilst having my brekkie and enjoying it.
I do like to read but as I have found in the past as soon as I even try to read the paper the kids want my attention, so now I am reading Harry Potter they are leaving me alone because I told them that when I finish it they can take turns in reading it lol.
Other things that are happening lately are: Nana and Grandad have come for a holiday to bring us Missy their beautiful dog so as that way when they want to go away they can. It is nice to see them again and the kids love it when they are here.
Poor M is so sick today we went out last night and he had a few to drink but he has not been out of bed as yet and it is now 2:06pm poor thing hope its only a hang over and nothing more serious I don't want the rest of us to get it.
Well I have some spare time now and really want to get back to my book I'm over 100 pages into it and its getting good.......