Monday, June 18, 2007

The Floods

Ok so I know on the news you guys have seen some shocking photos of the flood waters, but let me tell you they are no where near where we are. We did flood for one day but that was it and I know these photos are a bit old ( it flooded on the 8th of June) but here are a couple that I did take.

I went to the shop before school to get some change for the kiddies sponsorship forms had to be back in and heaven forbid we take all the money in together no they all had to have it separate for the bloody prizes they could win? When I got to the shop the water was up but no where near in the photos and they were frantically trying to get everything up off the floor in case it came in. I said to them I will go drop the kids at school and come back and give them a hand. By the time I had dropped the kids off and I mean just stopping right up next to the gate and taking two at a time in with the umbrella then back in the car to the shop the water was already at least another 20 cms higher than it was!

I parked my car around the back because that was higher ground and went in to help out now all I had planned for that morning was come home and have a workout, I had my workout and then some lol. I was carrying cartons of beer from the front to the fridge near the back and boxes of wine bottles I was buggered but we did it and got everything up off the floor, taped the bottoms of the doors with gaffa tape and then hoped it didn't rise more.

It didn't come in but every four wheel drive that went through the water made a back wash come up and come close but none came in thank god. The ladies in the shop couldn't believe I had come back to help but as I said to them if they close down I have to go without bread and milk and I would have to pay extra for it ( they sell the cheapest bread and milk.)

At 9:30 the school rang and asked if I could come get the kids and lol I had to say no, I couldnt get my tarago out so they said ok well when you can. It wasnt till I heard some thunder and then saw a dog out in the rain that I thought OMG my dogs and when I saw an SES vehicle come by and they stopped and asked how we were I hitched a ride home and when the water went down, which was as soon as it stopped raining one of the owners of the shops bought my car home lol. The river came up but I didnt take a picture of that I took video and I wish I could work out how to put a video onto my blog to show you all. By the way the water near that sign is knee deep and that is the side of the road!!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Sil

Eleven and a half years ago I was fortunate enough to have my brother marry this most fantastic lady, and finally we have a great photo of the two of us together. Sil is my best friend and someone I can talk to about anything and she always listens to my problems and helps me out with decisions I make. Without all her help before the wedding I think I may have gone mad. I miss her after her being here for a holiday and cant wait till we get together again. Thank you for being my Sil. xoxo

Friday, June 01, 2007

Our new toy

Well M has been on ebay again and look what he has purchased for us to play with!!!!!

The cover will not come off unless we are playing because as I said to M "The cat will sleep on it" and I will not be happy if I have to brush it every time we play. Can you see the pool cues on the wall and also the score board for snooker? I have to learn how to play snooker now lol. So look out sil and little brother we will be pool champions next time you come visit lol.

Very exciting though and it wasnt just a case of putting it there, we had to take out a pole that was there and M had to put a big steel pole up to support where the pole was. It makes the outside area look totally different now. I will have to take a better photo and post it at a later date......