Tuesday, January 30, 2007

AHHHHH The Serenity

I praise the lords above that finally school is back today.

I am in heaven no more "Mum can I have something to eat" even though they only ate 5 minutes ago? How do they last at school with only being able to eat every couple of hours???

I have J at home today she starts tomorrow but its like not having any here she is so quite and does her own thing and we told her that we will take her out for lunch today as a treat.
Don't get me wrong but I do enjoy not having to get up and get lunches organised and the constant "Have you brushed your teeth? Done your hair? Fed the animals?".
But this morning was different I was looking forward to waking up early and going for a walk in the morning fog and then doing lunches and they were all ready to go by 7:30 lol.
Luckily they had something to do we had the concreters here concreting out the front and in M's workshop. So he is excited and cant wait to get his tools in there lol. I will post pictures shortly.
We found out the kids new teachers this morning and I was happy with nearly all of them the only one I wasn't happy with is P because I really think he needs a male teacher to pull him into line but we will see what happens as they said this morning the classes are all only temporary, they are still getting new kids enrolling.

I went to the doctor the other day because I am really struggling with P's defiance and I am at my wits end and I have to now go see a specialist in Port Maquarie about him, but the local doctor seems to think its Genetic Defiance Syndrome. So if any of you have heard of this please let me know as I came home and tried to find out more about it but nothing comes up???

Im off now to go enjoy the peace lol for a little while anyway..................

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nana and Grandads visit

Well we have had Nana and Grandad visiting us for the last 13 days and still got another 6 days to go. I held off from telling the kids so as to surprise them and let me tell you it was sooo hard to do, but I did it just lol. The got here on a Friday afternoon at 3:30 after driving straight through. Nana is amazing she did most of the driving Grandad drove about 100km but Nana did the rest (how I don't know).
The kids have just loved having them here they have been fishing everyday at least twice everyday. We've been shopping also and I finally got Nana to buy some new clothes for herself which she only tends to do every ten years or so, but she did and she looks amazing in them.
Grandad spoilt the boys by buying them an amazing amount of tackle,which by the way they are going through so quickly (lots of snags).
I also bought myself a pair of shoes called "Crocs" you know the new beach shoes everyone is wearing well they are incredibly comfortable and now Nana and Grandad own a pair of them too lol.
It also amazes me at the patience that they have with the kids I cant handle going fishing with the two younger boys as all they do is cast the line in then reel it in they don't give the fish the chance to even smell the bait they are using, how they even catch any fish I don't know they must just be throwing the hooks straight into their mouths.
Nana has helped me out heaps though with things I don't normally get a chance to do like clean out the cupboards to try get rid of the mice that I have in the house. I have mouse bait every where now in holes throughout the house. I can still hear them though its a bit like that movie "Mouse hunt" the mouse is taunting me.
Im going to miss Nana and Grandad when they go home I have tried convincing them that they should buy a house here, but they just wont be in it they both say but then we have the other two grandchildren back home they we wont see. So we will just have to see them a few times a year which will do. I am so glad though that when they are not here I can still talk to them everyday on the pc or on the mobile.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cross stitch

Just a quick post to let you all know how Im going with my cross stitch I am actually gettting it done while staying up watching movies with mum lol.I had to do some of the sky I was getting a bit frustrated with the car lol.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our Baby girl turns three

Well baby girl turned three and what a day she looked lovely in her princess clothes and had a great day with a bbq with friends over to help celebrate I cant believe she is three now lol. We had a really nice home ice cream cake as her birthday cake which was delicious. Isnt it amazing how the smallest things make children happy. K has not taken off the princess shoes (that make an awful noise) since she got them on Saturday lol. At least we hear where she is lol. We love you darling

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dont you just love it when.....

I had to laugh this morning I got on the computer and was talking to mum and she asked me if I had checked my emails yet so I start checking my emails to find that my lovely mum had sent me these photos and what made me laugh was when K came over and saw the one with mum and I and said it was her lol.

This was taken when I was about K's age (3) we are in the river at Raymond Terrace so mum told me. Mum also sent me these other gems lol. The boy in the middle saluting (for those of you who dont know him) is my baby brother, then we have my dad and brother and then down the bottom is my baby brother and his adorable wife (I think fiance then). Please sil dont kill me for posting these. I had to share them with our friends lol. I love looking at old photos.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cross Stitch up date

Here is what my cross stitching looks like these days thought I should keep you all informed lol. I'm managing to do some every night which is helping alot. Mind you I had to unpick two rows last night because I had a knot behind a stitch which shouldnt have been there lol.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The new bedroom suite

Well now we all (well almost all) have our own rooms we decided to get C a new bedroom suite (the neighbours down the road had it in their shed and we got it really cheap). He loves it and so do I, no more trying to make everything fit into tiny drawers.
He has an abundance of drawers now. The only thing is he cant reach up to hang things back up in the wardrobe, but he will eventually and the great thing is this will do him for years.
I didn't so much like it when we looked at it in the shed but in the room it looks great.

Monday, January 01, 2007

My CrossStitching

I have finally finished my cross stitching that I started I think december 2005 I know I'm slack but i havent had a great light to do it in either. But for christmas M bought me a lamp that is on a stand and goes beside my chair and he even went and got me a cool white globe that is especially for doing craft work.So I got to work and finished Pooh bear off and I had to go to spotlight to get some more yellow because I ran out and thought I would get another project. (D likes this one so it will be for him)

I am not looking forward to it though as there are quarter cross stitches and three quarter ones and three strands for some areas and 2 for others so I am going to have to concentrate lol. But it will look fantastic when its done. Here are some pictures. Enjoy....................