Monday, August 20, 2007

Our little man is 7

Well our youngest son has turned 7 and I cant believe how quickly it has come around. He got absolutely spoilt as per usual, this year for his birthday he got a visit from Nana and grandad which was his best present I would say. For his birthday I told him he could either have a party or some friends stay over for the night and go to the movies or bowling, as there was nothing on at the movies we went bowling and he had 2 girls and himself and another boy there. I took a cake to school for him to share with his class and they all loved it, Chocolate mud cake of course.then home to play and have fun outside and in lol. then on Sunday we had soccer gala day, it rained all day and was miserable weather, but the boys enjoyed themselves and still played in the rain. It hasn't stopped since then though and we are currently up to 147 mm of rain and I am over it. Harry Potter is going well I am up to Goblet of Fire and cant wait to get more than one chapter into it lol.


Kerry said...

Happy 7th Bday C!!!

Your motorbike gear looks awesome!!!

We miss you so much xoxoxoxox

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

A huge Happy Bday to C!!! I cannot believe he is 7!!!!

The Goblet of Fire is my VERY FAVOURITE, you will love it!!!

Ruth.... said...

Happy birthday, Conner... looking allll grown up! Ruth x

roseys madhouse said...

thanks guys he had a great day