Monday, November 19, 2007

Havin a pool party

I have to laugh I think I have been watching Blues clues far to much I cant get Steve out of my head singing "We're having a pool party, a pool party" Lol. Yes I should not have the tv going that much.
Our daughter is having a pool party this coming Saturday with a couple of friends over and their families so I had to get the family into the cleaning mood.

So yesterday I had enough I am sick to death of walking outside and finding paper everywhere and wondering how much more paint the children can put onto the glass table. Whether we can finally mow the grass and not have to see broken toys laying all over the backyard anymore.

So after finally convincing the children that if we clean up the yard then go for a swim it would be better because then we could relax. Well it took a while but we finally got it done. The kids started off helping but then it got too hard and too hot and then the whining began.

This is the finished product with DH on the decking and the kids in the pool. Now I just have to keep the pool from going green before then lol.


Kerry said...

Can we come? Sniff Sniff...we wish!

Your backyard is looking fab!

I'm sure T must be so excited about her pool party. Dont forget to blog with some photo's.

roseys madhouse said...

definately will try to remember to blog some photos that is if it isnt pouring with rain

Ruth.... said...

wow! Our kids would kill for a pool. I've heard they're a lot of work but time outside with the kids having fun would be worth it, I reckon. Catch you soon, Ruth.