Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Parents rooms

Now being a mum I always go and check out parents rooms especially to see if they have a toilet that the little ones can use, I don't like taking them into the other toilets as they are cramped and not really big enough for a couple of people in them lol.

A couple of weeks back I went shopping with Nana http://nana-favorite.blogspot.com/ (for anyone that would like to check her blog out) and we went to the new parents room at our local shops and I was amazed with it flabbergasted even, it was huge, it had beautiful couches in three separate rooms for the breastfeeding mothers ( why weren't they around when I needed them???) then the change table area which was massive and very child friendly, a huge playpen area that actually had things attached to the walls to play with in two of the rooms and it had the toilet like at the plaza where a lot of my friends in Vic shop.

But the one thing that was different was this thing on the wall it is called "I'll hold the baby" and its amazing and K loves going in it as you can see. I could go to the toilet without having to worry about her touching the soap dispenser 15 times because the first 14 she couldn't tell if the soap was coming out fast enough, or turning the tap on and off just to see if she can possibly make herself get any wetter?, or the worst in my mind touching the sanitary napkin dispenser to see what is in there?
I loved it and had to go tell the center manager that it was about time something like this was made available to us mums. Then the center manager came out and its a woman now that explained it all to me she must be a mum herself and I congratulated her on a terrific parents room and she said thanks but its not finished. They still have to put in the plasma screen on the wall with the Disney channel running all day!!!!!
Now after I closed my mouth from the shock I though to my self hmmmm how long could I leave K in the thing on the wall and the others in there watching the Disney channel while I did the shopping????????? Nah just kidding but isn't that amazing I just hope that the vandals in this world don't ruin it for our children, and its ironic too that I wont need to go in there as much as I would like to but I took M in there yesterday and showed him and told him to bring the girls to the toilet in there rather than in the men's toilet and he said for sure now.....

Monday, February 12, 2007

Television Addiction

Now I don't know how many of you watch "Greys Anatomy"?
But I do religiously, and last night they had an encore performance of the last show from last season , but it was on at 9:50pm so I stayed up to watch it and still cried through it like I did last year lol.
I love that show the actors the stories will she or wont she end up with McDreamy??? Or will she go to McSteamy? I love Georges quirky ways and Yangs determination. Im so glad its finally back and now on Sunday nights. It was lovely over the holidays but now I realise I am addicted to night time television that I know what day it is by whats on tele lol.
I must say though I do a lot of cross stitching when I sit and watch tele so hopefully now I can get back into the swing of things and get some more cross stitching done........

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Blood Diamonds

I went to the movies yesterday with a couple of girlfriends to see the movie "Blood Diamonds". I had seen it on Oprah the day before and thought this would be a good movie to see as they raved about how good it is.

I have never been effected by a movie like this one effected me. I will never buy a diamond again.

You know you see on the news little snippets on what goes on overseas, but this was so in your face and terrifying I don't want to give away about the movie in case anyone wants to go see it, but the story was fantastic and so touching about what this man went through for his family. This picture is from the movie and let me tell you we were all crying.
If you can please take the time to go see it, it is violent but well worth it for the story about the blood diamonds and how they sell the conflict diamonds.
Makes you appreciate what you have..........

Monday, February 05, 2007

Another one at school

Well our second youngest has started school and loves it. She started last Wednesday but I didn't have the pics to put onto my blog till now thanks to Nana sending her disc to me today.

I must tell you though I was not too keen on how well K would handle not having her sister to play with, but things have gone well.

J did really well her first day not a tear to be seen and was keen to get into her new classroom, she walked in and was told to look for her name to hang her bag up and did so and then the teacher said to say goodbye to mum and it wasn't till she hugged me that I thought to myself I must get out of her now or I am going to cry lol, she looked so grown up and confident that I didn't have to worry at all.

So K and myself headed off to the shops mind you we get 5 minutes up the road and she says to me "Me go home now" I said no we are going shopping and she didn't want to go ??? But we kept going and then she was fine and amazingly well behaved. Normally when we go shopping I have to chase her everywhere and she hides in the clothing racks and hides where ever she can which just frustrates me. But this time was so nice and I'm hoping that the next time is going to be just as easy? We'll see we are going shopping this Thursday. Only two years too go now till K is at school and she is already counting them down constantly telling me that she only has "Two Ears till big school mummy"

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super Nana & The Mice

You know its funny I have always thought my mum to be pretty amazing and talented with the way she has handled a lot of things that has happened in her life and in mine, but the other day I must tell you she excelled.

Now as you all know I have written about the mouse problem I have been having here lately, well Nana and I went shopping and bought heaps of rat and mouse bait and have been leaving them in cupboards and up in the box in the lounge room ceiling (where the upstairs toilet pipe is).

Well guess what it is working a treat and so there was this odour of something dead in our house on Tuesday and then we found a few really sick mice but the smell was still here, So, on Wednesday Nana says "Lets have a look up in that part of the ceiling where we can hear them". So I go get the ladder and the mirror (so we can see in as it is a box which is really hard to describe but you cant just look over and see into it), and up I climb onto the ladder and ever so wearily put the mirror so I can see and grandad and Nana are saying you have to put it in further than that giggling to themselves about how scared I am, so I say back to them "I am not even happy about being up here in the first place" (I hate mice), so Nana says" get down I'll have a look".

Well we checked the whole thing out and found a dead mouse and a skeleton of what looks like a rat, Nana said get the vacuum and we'll suck it out, let me tell you I was not looking forward to that happening either and was starting to feel queasy in the stomach, anyway I get the vacuum and away she goes and we think we have it so she gets down packs everything away and she opens the vacuum with me standing about 5 meters away just in case it wasn't dead and now its a really pissed off mouse, and guess what it wasn't in there.

So she goes and gets the ladder again looks and its still in there so she gets a freezer bag and pulls it out and throws it away. Now at this stage I am telling her how much of a legend she is and how I would never be able to do anything remotely like that as she is washing her hands three times lol. But I couldn't believe how she just got up there and did it, the woman is incredible.

I hope that when one of my daughters has a problem when she is older that I too can reach deep down inside and pull out half of the courage that she showed and be able to help them.

Good on you Mum I love you