Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Sheepychic scarf

I have finally gotten around to putting a picture up of my beautiful Sheepychic scarf that I knitted for myself before I got married lol. I had to wait for my mum to get here and show me how to cast on and I didnt do any pearl just plain knit (baby steps).

I really enjoyed doing it though and I think I will need to get some more wool in future and knit some for my girls as they love mine and I have had to put it into a drawer so as to stop the munchkin from wearing it all the time lol.

It smells lovely and is sooo warm.

Thankyou so much sheepychic for your beautiful yarn http://www.sheepychic.blogspot.com please go visit her for some beautiful yarns.


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

YaY!!!!!!! Go Kathie, you are now officially a knitter! I am so very proud of you!

Ruth.... said...

OMG Wow!!!! I'm so excited to see a little ol' Sheepychic on your blog!! It looks beautiful...I bet it is soooo warm! Did you know that that photo of your yarn is now a poster for a yarn store?!?! It's hanging in their window in the main street! Your yarn is famous!!

Kerry said...

I nearly fell over when you showed me your knitted scarf...seriously though, well done lovey!