Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Sheepychic scarf

I have finally gotten around to putting a picture up of my beautiful Sheepychic scarf that I knitted for myself before I got married lol. I had to wait for my mum to get here and show me how to cast on and I didnt do any pearl just plain knit (baby steps).

I really enjoyed doing it though and I think I will need to get some more wool in future and knit some for my girls as they love mine and I have had to put it into a drawer so as to stop the munchkin from wearing it all the time lol.

It smells lovely and is sooo warm.

Thankyou so much sheepychic for your beautiful yarn http://www.sheepychic.blogspot.com please go visit her for some beautiful yarns.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Honeymoon

What a fabulous honeymoon we had.

We stayed at Kings Cross and we saw only a few eye openers lol.

Lets see Day One:
We left home about 7:00 am and got to Newcastle and met M's Aunt and Uncle and they let us keep our car there for the next couple of days,and also dropped us off at the train station. I was very excited because the trains are two storey lol and I had never been on one. So once we got on and got about an hour down the track we both realised that we should have eaten before getting on the train or at least bought some food with us lol. It was a relaxing trip there and then we finally get into Sydney and go straight to the Motel and check out the room, to find that our room is on the 6th floor and our view was a tennis court and some buildings so me being me goes downstairs to the reception and ask if there is a chance we can get a room on the other side of the motel so our view would be better and they say ok and we change and then we have the spectacular view of the harbour, opera house, harbour bridge and the city skyline. K was happy lol. We decide then to go for a walk to check out a little around our temporary home for the next couple of days and walked into the city went to paddys market and got cold inside so bought ourselves jumpers and jacket and also hats lol and had a cuppa at Starbucks and walked past Hyde park then we walked back and had something to eat at the pub across from where we stayed and had to laugh because we ordered in the pub and the food came from the take away next door lol. Then we went back to the room had a rest, then went to Bondi Junction for an explore and decided to have dinner at the Bondi junction RSL and the food was fantastic and the vegies I could have eaten another plate load full of them lol. Then back to the room for some more quite time and some rest because as I said to M we have alot to see and he needs to save his energy to keep up lol. Did I happen to mention the weather was perfect?

Day Two: We got up and had breakfast at a nice little cafe in darlinghurst street which in case some of you don't know is the main street in Kings cross and for those of you that don't know me that well I wanted to eat there to take in everything that goes on early Saturday morning lol and alot goes on lol. Then we headed off to catch our transport for the next couple of days the Sydney City Sight seeing double decker bus (http://www.city-sightseeing.com/) which is open up the top and what a fabulous time we had on that it cost us $48 each for 48 hours get on and off as we please and they ran every twenty minutes its route was as in the picture we were staying near the coke sign so to give you an idea of how our trip was. We got off at The Opera House and looked around there and had some fun and also went to the rocks market and had a look around there. We ended up having dinner at circular quay and it was beautiful packed but still lovely and then we went to the casino "Star city" and had a look around and put some money into the pokies lol.

Day Three:Mothers day lol totally forgot until when we were having breakfast and this elderly woman( who knows what nationality she was we couldn't really understand her) said happy mothers day and I realised what day it was lol. So we rang our mums and spoke to the kiddies and again got asked by K "how many sleeps till you come home?" lol every night we spoke to the kids. We went to Centre point tower today and what a spectacular view it was I couldn't believe how pretty the whole city was. I don't have any photos of this but lots of movies. Then we went to the main mall Pitt street mall and had lunch in the food court and what choices we had lol M wanted to come back there for dinner and lunch the next day lol. We then caught a ferry across the harbour and went to check out Luna Park now let me tell you M and myself are not the ride type people but still wanted to have a look that's me in the mouth lol and it was very interesting but I couldn't see the whole big deal about the place but the ferry ride was lovely and we took the whole ride just to enjoy it lol.We had dinner in Kings cross at this restaurant that was interesting big meal but I wasn't too impressed with it.

Day three: We got up this morning and my feet were killing me from not wearing walking shoes lol should've packed my runners lol realise that now and M's legs were hurting him from not being used to walking so much. So we had brekkie in kings cross cant remember where lol and then caught our bus to go to Bondi beach and tour that area and we had a half an hour stop in Bondi or we could stay for two hours but as we discussed with each other our feet were killing us and we would have just sat on the grass at bondi and not been able to go look at the shops and stuff there so we got back on the bus and went back into the city lol. Had lunch and then rested so we could go out for dinner. We went out for dinner in the main eatery in Kings cross and the meal was beautiful and huge and the strangest thing was that my brother was in Sydney and we were having dinner and there was this group of four guys sort of behind us and I could have sworn it was my brother now for those of you that know me you know my brother and what he looks like who would've thought there could be two of them? I kept staring and looking and the guys caught me and I had to explain why I had been looking over all the time whilst on my honeymoon with my husband lol and they thought it was funny and let me take a photo, it was dark and I have tried to lighten the photo but you can still make him out and see that he does look like my brother from the side on view

Day Four:

We got up early today and went and had brekkie at Central train station we wanted to get home fairly early before the kids got home from school any way. We got on the train at 8:15 in the morning and headed home and the funny thing is M is always saying to me about how I talk to any schmo anywhere and when we got onto the train M made a friend well as M tells it the other guy made a friend and poor M just had to listen to him for two hours lmao I thought it was hilarious anyway. Well we got home alright and the kids were really excited to see us and it was a fantastic time with beautiful weather and fabulous company. I am so glad I married my husband and could not have had a better time if I tried.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well its Official

Well..... What an absolutely fabulous day the weather was perfect, the kids behaved themselves and Dad didn't cry too much to make me cry.

We got organised on time and got to the church on time and then headed in and apparently when K got inside and the packed church saw here and all went "Aaaawwwww" she turned around on her heels and headed back out lol.

We got to the front of the church and my Dad handed me over to M and then we turned to the pastor and he says " I would like to thank you all for coming to K and Tony's wedding". Now at this stage I am looking around thinking hang on who the bloody hell is Tony???? LMAO the whole place just cracked up. He then got it right and apologised. The whole thing only lasted about 30 minutes if that and then we were married.

We then went back to our house to party and have some fun which we did, what a great night it was. I would really like to thank my Sil for all the things she did for me on the day and even beforehand she bought the bridal bouquets and I am so glad she was my bridesmaid. I love you Sil. I would also like to say a big thank you to my girlfriend Shazza for all the hard work she did in making me look beautiful and all the things she did and has done for me to make the day so memorable and enjoyable.

I was also lucky enough to have three of my friends that I went to high school with come to our wedding all the way from W.A, Melbourne and Adelaide. Thank you girls for a great few days together. I am sure the pub will always remember us lol.

My Gran was there too from Qld along with my Aunty and I would like to thank them for making the trip too.

I'll tell you all one thing though you know how much you are loved by your friends and by your peers when something like this happens in your life and they all support it, and you, and do whatever they can to help you enjoy the day.

Last but by far not the least is my Mum and Dad. God what to say I love you two both so much and I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work and effort and things you have done for me in the last two weeks. I could not have done it without your help and I hope you both realise how much I appreciate everything.I love you.

Well I think that will do I have packed our bags and we head off to Sydney for our honeymoon in the morning we are both very excited. I haven't been to Sydney before so it should be great.

Look out for the honeymoon shots lol no naked I promise lol....................................