Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ok I have updates seeing as my mum is not happy unless she has something new to read on my blog lol.(Love you mum) This is the colour of my dress and M's shirt. This is me in my dress ($39.95 off ebay brand new)and as you all can see I need to lose the muffin at the top of my stomach lol I am trying believe me. Then we have the girls dresses that they will be wearing on the day(from best and less $25.99 reduced to $13.00 each). I have ordered some shirts for the boys and hopefully they will be in next week they are chambray shirts but more purpley blue than the faded denim that I remember chambray being. I have organised most of the food for the day and Mum has made the cake. M is organising the table and chair hire and port-a-loos for the yard and the SES have said we can use the two tents they have for cover out the back. We have our rings at the jewellers on layby. If anyone else can think of anything else that I have forgotten then please leave me a comment and tell me lol. We are'nt having flowers or balloons as I think they are a waste of money. So I think thats about it???? Till next time...........................................................................................

Monday, March 12, 2007

Panic is starting to set in

Ok we have less than two months to go now till the big day!
You know how when you get married and you have heaps of people the dress, the caterers, the bridal party, the cars, then the guests.
Well seeing as we have both done this before we thought this time round a much smaller affair. M's plan was himself, me and the celebrant and a carton of beer.
My plan was family a few friends nothing to big not too much fuss, you know casual.
Well what we have now is 118 people invited, yes 118, going to the church to get married and then back here for the reception, bridal party, but no fancy cars. I think the tarago would make a damn fine bridal car lol.
Its amazing how much you forget you have to organise and with trying to feed and cloth 6 children while doing this is going to be my biggest test ever.
I dont want to complain in any way as I said to my SIL, its not that I dont plan on spending the rest of my life with this man its just the whole wedding thing that I find a waste of time and money that we dont have.
Any way I have vented now and feel better and now must go get the kids off to school.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

thoughts on this please

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to tell you about an experience I had at the Aquatic Centre tonight which absolutely appalled me.
I have 6 children, three boys and three girls ageing from 11 being the oldest and 3 being the youngest and we go to the aquatic centre every Friday night for swimming lessons and have done for the last three terms.
Well tonight I came out of the change rooms to find out that two mothers had complained to the staff that I had my 8 and 6 year old boys in the females change rooms.
The staff told me that I could use the disabled toilet which is only big enough for a wheelchair to fit in, not 5 young children and one adult to have a shower. As I said to them how do I do that without my three year old attempting to play with the toilet and sanitary disposal unit?
I can not believe that in this day and age where it is not safe to let your children even go to a disabled toilet on their own for fear of them getting attacked that these mothers would complain?
When we go into the change rooms to get changed I get the boys (the 8 & 6 yr olds) changed and straight out to sit with their older brother. The staff suggests that I tag team them in the disabled toilets and do one at a time so then I have to leave my 11 yr old son to watch 4 children around a pool while I do one at a time? What happens when a disabled person needs to use the toilet do I then get into trouble for being in the disabled toilet?
The staff tell me that the change room legislation is that a 6 year old boy should not be in a ladies change room??? I don’t understand how that can be though.
I tried to look up the legislation on the internet but couldn’t find anything out through google.
I am hoping that maybe you could shed some light on the legislation for me though.
Needless to say though the aquatic centre has now lost my business and I had 5 children attending swimming lessons.
Pissed Off

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Apparently its ODD

Well we went to see the paediatrician on Tuesday and he doesn't deal in behavioural problems but from what I told him he seems to think he has Oppositional Defiance Disorder, hmmm now after getting a bit more information on this from my good friend "Google" I find out that this could be almost any child!!!!

But he also said to me that I am partly to blame for this behaviour (see its always the mothers fault) because I let him push my buttons and although he is only 8 he knows exactly which ones to push the most to make me react. So the doctor tells me that when this happens next time I have to think there is a pause button in my head and hit pause.

So far we have been incident free its is quite amazing that he has actually been behaving himself and I feel like I am on valium as I am trying to take a much more relaxed view on things. I know its only early days but now we have to go see a psychologist, and to get into one of them is a three month waiting period because of the lack of them in the area, its that or go to Sydney and I am not up for a 3 hour drive.

I feel terrible that I could be responsible for this and I am hoping that by changing my ways hopefully I can make him be the good boy that I know he can be, see that's what I told the doctor he has a great heart and lovely nature when he wants to and alot of people tell me that. The thing that he has trouble with is when someone else is getting more attention he does something naughty to make them notice him and the thing is I know that children do that also especially when in a larger family.

The main thing is we are starting afresh and its not something that he is not going to be able to change I was worried he may need medication for his behaviour but he doesn't so its just a daily thing and we'll manage.