Thursday, August 31, 2006

Second Car

Here is our new second car ( well second hand new. )
Its a Mitsubishi Pajero and its a seven seater so that way we can still fit all the kids into it and its lovely to drive.
Picked it up on tuesday and I cant wait till the tarago has to get serviced so I can drive it lol.
It has power windows and a sunroof and cruise control.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Time flys

Isnt it amazing how time flys?
My little man turned six yesterday and I love birthdays but what I dont love is when they all fight because they all want to play with the toys at once even though there is about nine new toys so technically there should have been one toy each no they all wanted the one toy. I can laugh about it now but I tell you its a test. To see how much we can cope with before we snap lol. We did end up having a good day though and we went to the park after school and had a picnic with some friends from school so we all had a good day and then had icecream cake after dinner for his birthday so that pleased all the kiddies lol. Some other news I found another snake here yesterday next to the bathroom window the dogs were going nuts at it and by the time I went next door to let them know because it was on the fence line when I came back it was up under the rafters near the front of the house. I watched it for an hour then I lost it but the snake man came round at about 4:30 and checked all around the house in the gardens for me and couldnt find it so he reckons it would have moved on it was only a diamond python but it was still a snake of about 2.5 metres in length so still scary lol. The picture is one I took of the snakeman when he came here 4 weeks ago and collected one that P rode over on his bike by accident but the one yesterday was identical to it. Things to look forward to when the warmer weather comes I suppose......

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Timber town

Yes we went to Timber town on Sunday which is in Wauchope (just over an hours drive away) we actually went to pick up our new table but took a picnic and went to timber town also much like Soverign Hill but only a gold donation to get in and then you look around at the history the kids loved it as did we.
Although in saying that I tried to use a stock whip there and really hurt myself (stop laughing)I bruised my arm from where the whip hit me lol.
We also saw a horse that had a moustache which amazed the kids lol so I had to take a photo of it to show everyone lol.
Here are a few photos of the day.