Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am still here

Okay I know I haven't been here for a long time but I have been busy!!!

I have had a birthday yes I am another year older and still no wiser than before??? The baby chickens are doing well and not looking so cute anymore??? OK they are still sort of cute but they are looking bigger lol and still not used to being carried around all the time???

Let me see what to complain about first???


OK we have only had the pool up and running since September and in that time it has been green twice and $700 worth of chemicals later it is finally looking sparkling clear. I never realised exactly how much work goes into a pool. I mean I had an idea but truly didn't realise that I would be the one doing all the work, in saying that though I am the one that is more concerned about things than my dear husband is. I am the one that must get all the leaves out of it and the one that tests it all the time lol. Just another chore for me to do???


I have had my mobile phone for almost two years with 3 mobile and I have not had a problem I am on a great plan and I almost always get service, but my mums phone was on my plan and until I got her off my plan I had to keep the phone I have. No my phone has been a great phone but ....

It has been in the toilet, been dropped a hundred times and no longer stays open when you flip it open? So I thought now mum is off my plan I can get a new phone.

You would think so but NO!!!!!! I am still not eligible for a new phone. My mum (who had had her phone for less time than I have) is entitled to a new phone? The worst part is though that I can t change phone carriers because then I cant ring my mum and sil for free and being interstate from them I need this . So I have to suck it up and wait until my contract with this phone is completed and then upgrade for free!!!!!
OK enough complaining now I feel better.
I should be cleaning the house but I have come to the conclusion that the kids will be home in 3 hours and mess it up again so I will let it go and wait till they go to sleep and then clean the house that way it will stay clean for at leasts 8 hours lol.
Mum and Dad get here soon not sure when though I told them that I want it to be a surprise so I just know its after the weekend.
OK I promise I will be back again soon...........................

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Damama T said...

HI! I picked up your link from over at Organized Doodles. I'm new here so hadn't seen you before and decided to pop in.

AWWW baby chickies! I love babies! I hate roosters, though... and your blog jogged my memory about something I have to write about now! LOL!

Hang in with the pool. You will get the hang of balancing the chemicals and will soon learn just what it needs after a rain... think of it as sort of like learning your children's different nutritional preferences. Pools are just as individual.

Regarding your cell phone - if you'll email me, I'll give you an idea on how to handle the situation. I haven't paid for a new phone in 6 years. >;)

Guess I'd better shut up now. As you'll see if you visit my blog, I have trouble doing that! LOL! TTFN!