Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kids lounge room

Finally the lasy room of the house and its the kids lounge room I tried to take them in sequence so you could all see the way the room goes but when putting them onto the blog they all mix up the first photo is as you enter the room and it has the air hockey table on the left hand side, then the one with the big window which goes out to the balcony (which M is going to enclose and make into two more bedrooms for the kids), then the one with the toys and the table and chairs where they draw, then I have taken them from over near the tv to show you the other side of the room and where the tent is I have now moved it all and put the futon there, then the last photo shows the entry to the room and you can see the staircase on the right hand side and the entrance to the two younger boys room. So now I will be able to publish things about what has been going on and other things (other than the house) now lol. Love to alll

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The girls room

Ok this is the girls room and the first two photos are of their ensuite (yes they have an ensuite lol) but all the kids use this (yes Ruth another dunny for the world to see lol). The next pic is their wardrobe and the main reason we chose this to be the girls room three hanging rows in the cupboard. Then the girls beds they are all huge rooms.

Monday, June 19, 2006

upstairs boys rooms

Ok the photo with the pc in it is up the top of the stairs and its M and the one that the kids would use when they are a bit older. Then we have the two younger boy's room and then the oldest boys' room.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The stairway to the kidszone

Ok the first photo should be the one of the storage area this is under the staircase and the one of the vacuum is to try show you all how the area goes all under the stairs its a great storage area. The picture of the wall with the photos and the window is as you first start up the stairs, then the nest one iswith the couple of pics to the left hand side of the photo, then the last one is as you reach the top of the stairs and the room in front of you is the girls room, the towel hanging on the right hand side is Darrens room and the other boys room is right next to darrens on the left hand side.To the left hand side at the top of the stairs takes you into the kids lounge room.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ok here we have the down stairs lounge room and I think it used to be formal dining area but with the carpet on the floor its not going to be that now I usually use the area nere the pc to fold the clothes on the floor lol.Ok the pic with the stairs on the left hand side of the photo is as you come in the front door and the sliding door you see goes outside to a little paved area (we are going to get one of those cast iron outdoor settings for two so in summer time we can sit out there and relax of an evening). The other photo of the lounge area has the front window so you can see that we can see out the front when sitting in the lounge room.The other photo is taken from in front of the tele and the view looking back and those cupboards are great for storing stuff and also where I had my growing ironing pile and after taking this photo had to do it all as I felt terrible that I had so much there lol. The last photo of the pc is on your right hand side as you walk into the front door and the room you can see is the entrance into the main bedroom

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the bathroom part two

Here is the shower that is in the bathroom downstairs and as you can see from on e of the photos with the reflection the bath is opposite it and its too the left as you walk into the bathroom. M wants to move the shower head up higher because he has to crouch down when hes in there lol (poor darling) But its great to keep clean no tiles with grout lol

Monday, June 12, 2006

the bathroom part one

I love this room it would have to be my favorite and there is nothing better then having a spabath after a hectic day and looking up and seeing the stars and the moon. The photo of the bath and window is the view as you enter the bathroom, the vanity unit is to your right and there is heaps of storage room as the mirror has a cupboard behind it. The view outside the window is of our back yard and next doors house is over 5 metres to the right so there is no chance of them seeing anyone in the bathroom unless they are out their back yard playing lol. The bathtub is great though as I can actually lay down in it and not have my feet hanging over the top lol.

the laundry

Here we have the laundry and the first photo is of my new washing machine 8 kg its huge and does a great job lol and our new laundry sink as the other one was a twin and the washing mashine didnt fit, the door way next to the laundry sink is to the downstairs toilet which is pictured and the last picture is of the linen closet, the feezer and the dryer and the door which you can just see on the right hand side is the back door to out the back yard.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Pantry

here is the last photo from the kitchen it is the pantry which I though would not be big enough for us all but seems to be doing the job so far

The kitchen

here we have the kitchen now the order they go in are as starts with the photo of the cooktop which is electric and to the left of the cooktop is where the oven is and its on the wall and also electric and the door folds down and then pushes in so it create more space, then is the photo fo my cool canisters and kettle ( I think of tyes cow obsession everytime I use them lol), then we have the sink shot and I can see the kids playing in the back yard when I do the dishes which is great, then to the right of the sink which has the microwave in it and I just took all those hooks out as we dont use them all the coffee cups are in the cupboard above the kettle, and then last we have the fridge there is a pantry next to the fridge which I am going to have to put on a new blog as I can only fit 5 photos at a time. I have cupboards above the benches and below so lots of space to store stuff

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Entrance and part of kitchen

Okey Dokes the first pic in this blog is the front door from the outside, the next one is the view to your left and it is the kitchen and the door into the laundry. The next photo is the dining room and the door into the bathroom and the staircase to upstairs, then we have the kitchen and dont worry I have photos of all of the kitchen coming then we have the hooks where the kids all hang their school bags daily lol the is right next to the front door on the left hand side just before the kitchen you can see a bit of the kitchen bench to the right of the picture :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Okay we have done the main bedroom...............

In these pics we have the outdoor area that you walk through to get into the house. Ok they havent gone onto my blog in order but I will try to explain them as best I can.
The pic with the garden on the left of the photo and the bikes is your first photo and is when you get out of the car and get under the cover (we are going to be taking all of the garden out though eventually to make more room and try stop the mozzies), then the photo of the bikes on the left hand side of the photo is the view as you come around the corner near the garden area, the next photo in the squence is the one with the dog kennels on the left hand side of the photo with the out door setting in the middle of the pic the sliding door on the right of the pic is the door into our room then the shoes on the floor after them is the front door and where the sun is shining through at the end of the photo is going out to the back yard, then the photo of all the wood up the end is a wood bbq which is completely rusted out but M is going to rig something up and have it that we can have a fire going out there in winter for entertaining, and finally the view from standing in front of the wood looking back the way we came. There is more of these photos to come but I could only load 5 photos without making them smaller as I want it to be easy for everyone to see them.