Thursday, September 27, 2007

Another Snake

Yes you read correctly ANOTHER bloody snake in my house.

Ok I will go back for all of you that haven't been called recently.

I had a 6 foot python inside my lounge room, before you all panic not on the floor up on the top of the bessa bricks inside and it was not poisonous (although I still freaked right out), it was apparently because it was so nice and warm in my house. Mind you with 6 children, 3 dogs ,1 cat I don't see how a snake could live here because of the constant noise???

Any hoo I called on my local knight in shining flannelet and he and my lovely friend came to my rescue and caught the snake and removed it from my house much to my pleasure.

Nana and Grandad were still here and I could not call them because then I would have lost sight of the snake and I could not have been able to sleep in here not knowing where it was lol.

Well 2 nights ago my youngest son was in bed and came running down the stairs saying there was noises coming from his room and he couldn't sleep because he was scared. So brave mum goes up says get back into bed and I sat on his bed to have a listen for these noises, low and behold if I don't hear the same familiar noise that I had only heard a few weeks ago of a SNAKE. Now for all of you that want to know what this sounds like well then get you hand and place it onto your leg now slowly run it down your leg. That is what it sounds like.

Well straight away I said to my son you better go get mummy's phone and I rang my knight to save me lol. (M was not home so he couldn't help me he was at tafe just like the last time there was a snake in here.) So they get here and it was in the roof and he contorts himself into the roof because the man hole is inside a cupboard and he said it wasn't real happy lol. But he got it and it was 7 feet long and healthy looking ( no wonder it feeds on all the mice in the house lol) and takes it outside and I took this photo. I wasn't stressed this time I was calm and scarily have come to terms with the possibility there may be more up there lol.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Rain

I really should have done this post before the pool but I though hey who really cares? Nana and Grandad took some photos of the rain we had and we had about 247 mm I think? It may have been more?

Our Pool

Well again my DH has been so productive and has built the family a pool it is 10.5 meters x 5.5 meters and he yet has to build the decking which will go around the end of the pool and along the side nearest the fence line and he said there will eventually be a slide into the pool also. It didnt look as big when it was just outlined on the ground but since the walls have gone up it looks ginormous lol.

We did have a delay as you can see with the 247mm of rain we had after the first load of sand which ran away with the rain but then the rain went away and we finally got a chance to get the rest up ( well DH, Nana and Grandad did).

DH could not have done as much as he did if Nana and Grandad werent here. Thankyou both so much for all your help. He said that it will be up and running by the start of the school holidays which is only about 4 weeks away and the kids reckon they will be swimming lol we'll see.