Monday, February 04, 2008

Ive taken the first step!!!!!!!!!

Ok so it is day four of the dieting and I am coping so far. I felt starving for the first day but now am doing well. I went to the chemist and thought I should try this. I need to do something I am sick and tired of being this FAT!!! As I said to the lady at the chemist its not that I am unhappy I am the happiest in my life I have ever been , But I have a husband that loves me and doesnt care what size I am ( this doesnt help). I have high blood pressure too I found out, but as I said to my hubby Im not surprised my blood pressure was up I just got off the scales. He said what did they say? ( like I am going to tell him ???) I said they said " One at a time please!" He was happy with that answer.
So wish me luck I actually got up this morning and did 30 sit ups, 30 push ups and 30 squats. I know that is far too much to do in the morning s lol but I felt up to it for the first time in over a year.
Weigh in is on Friday so hopefully I will have lost lol.


Kerry said...

Good Luck sil!

R u doing Tony F at the chemist?

I hope you achieve a weight loss on Friday. Fingers crossed xo

roseys madhouse said...

no its optifast

russtee11 said...

A lady at my work has done the optifast a few times. She lost heaps of weight BUT... the MINUTE she went off it she put all the weight back on plus 5 more kgs. Its more unhealthy to do yoyo dieting as im sure you know. I wish you luck but, be careful!

roseys madhouse said...

Yeah I have heard that too but it has changed my eating habits dramatically so hopefully I can stick to the healthy eating and that might help me

Ruth.... said...

All the best... you'll be back to ship shape soon, I'm sure. I've been walking to get the paper in the mornings and riding with the kids. Hang in there... you're past the 3 -day hump now. hehe.. (sorry to laugh.. it's just the word hump. Can't help but sit here giggling about the word 'hump' I must be tired) Ruth.