Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a great holiday!!!!!

Well it is nearly the end of the holidays and I have to say I have truly enjoyed these holidays. The no routine and the being able to sleep in till at least 8 am( that is until I hear screaming or something making a huge thud on the ground upstairs.)

The best part was the surprise visit from my family in Melbourne I so miss them and the kids grow up so fast.

Even though the weather was terrible and they 8 kids had to stay inside for most of the time they were here, they still enjoyed themselves.

The unfortunate part is that I forgot to take photos of the kids together while they were here to post on my blog I did take a video of the fun in the pool so they may have to do.

My brother had to try get three children on his shoulders so our poor 11 yr old had to try lift them all onto his shoulders lol.

This is the first try.

The laughing is myself and my sister in law Oh my goodness I had such sore cheeks from laughing so much.

Then they tried again. Our four year old is an adrenalin junkie as you can see!!!!

Ok we have mastered the three lets try four????

Um nope that doesnt work raflmao!!!!!! What a great afternoon we had.


Ruth.... said...

OMG What a crack up! How fun does THAT look! I can't believe K!!!! What a dare devil!~ hehehe

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

LOL it looks like you all had a wonderful time guys! So happy for you all! You might have to watch K later she might try jumping of a building or out of a perfectly good aeroplane!

Anonymous said...

Found you through Dawn's blog. Thought you would like a message from Illinois, USA even if it isn't from her. You have a lovely family.
Sandy, HE, Illinois

Kerry said...

We had such a great holiday!
I am glad that you have a couple of videos of the kids in the pool, Im sad that we didnt take any photos...:(

Rick said...

Rosie (Kathie?)

You're getting near on my list for doing an illustration - sorry that it takes so long. I've misplaced your e-mail address. Please send it again so that I can communicate better with you.


Whitney said...

In my blog hopping tonight I found your's. Your kids are so cute and it looks like everyone was having a grand time in the pool.