Thursday, May 01, 2008

Im still here

Yes I know I haven't Blogged for such a long time but I have been really busy.

OK lets go back three weeks to me being all excited that in two days time I will be going on a holiday to Melbourne to catch up with all my friends and family that I haven't seen for two years almost.

My dh and I had driven to Newcastle for the day on our own and seen this cathedral that looked like a castle on a hill, it was beautiful and the best bit was you could climb the tower and check out the view which only cost us $3 each, so up we go.

Well let me tell you I am glad I lost weight before doing this because the staircase was so little and dark and like the old towers from the movies where it just winds up and up lol. But we made it and it was extremely worth it.

See isn't the view spectacular!

So the fight went well and mum and dad were there to meet me and take me back to their house.

I spent as much time as possible with my niece and nephew and my sil which was lovely. I got to see all my close friends and my sil took my to dfo in Essendon and we scored some real bargains.

It was nice to have time away from the family but I missed them terribly and I think next time it will have to be all of us that go on a holiday together.

Oh that's right another thing is when I got home we had a really heavy hail storm which hit quickly and then almost two whole weeks of rain we had over 18 inches of rain all during the school holidays, so needless to say I am over the rain but it hasn't rained in 6 days ( the kids went back to school )

I started cross stitching on the Friday before I left Melbourne as I was bored lol ( I know I don't get a chance to get bored at home) and here is my progress the first photo is when I first got home and the other is from a couple of nights ago. ( Ive been home three weeks ). Blogger wont let me load the other photo in this post so you will have to wait till the next post lol.

Also we all went to Port Maquarie last Saturday and the boys all went to see crusty demons and us girls got to hang out together so we went to the beach and then to the park which was fantastic.

Weightloss to date 12 kilos woo hoo..........

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nana said...

Well hello welcome back
good to see you blogging again Love Nana