Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well another year over

Well another year is over but a new one beginning.

We have had a great year and cannot believe it has flown by. I am extremely grateful for my family and for the support we have had throughout the year with our wedding and honeymoon and for having a fantastic sil that I can talk to anytime I have something to whine about or to just see what she is doing.

I am pleased to have made new contacts globally through the fabulous world of Blog and enjoy seeing how the other side of the globe lives lol.

We went to Tuncurry and watched the fireworks which were fantastic but it did get a bit chilly there (not as cool as the year before though) and we ended up with jumpers and long pants on but other than that the kids all made it too 9:30 which was when the fireworks were on and then we headed home to bed lol.

I have posted a few photos of Christmas for you all to enjoy.

Happy New Year to you all and hope you have a great 2008.

I am trying to load some picture through picture trail but it doesn't want to work for me I my just have to put a couple up here for you all to see


Ruth.... said...

Oh Wow... hehe..look at all those prezzies! Santa does so well, doesn't he!?!? Got a little teary to see you all there looking so grown up. Lucky kids to have such a wonderful Mum! (and Dad, of course~!)

Kerry said...

Gr8 photo's!

So any new years resolutions??

Maybe a holiday to Vic??

roseys madhouse said...

oh ok then hows April for you????

Rick said...

I don't know why < s > wouldn't work. Someone said to try < del >. I haven't tried it. If you were trying to use it in the comment section then maybe a text box like this one is not programed to use that particular tag.

Good luck - thanks for the visit.