Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Timber town

Yes we went to Timber town on Sunday which is in Wauchope (just over an hours drive away) we actually went to pick up our new table but took a picnic and went to timber town also much like Soverign Hill but only a gold donation to get in and then you look around at the history the kids loved it as did we.
Although in saying that I tried to use a stock whip there and really hurt myself (stop laughing)I bruised my arm from where the whip hit me lol.
We also saw a horse that had a moustache which amazed the kids lol so I had to take a photo of it to show everyone lol.
Here are a few photos of the day.


kerry said...

I dont know what's more hilarious..the photo of a horse with a moustache or picturing you whipping urself on the arm pmsl!
Table and lazy susan looks gorgeous! You are becoming an ebay queen!

roseys madhouse said...

beleive me if you had of been there and seen me with that stupid whip you would have wet yourself laughing

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Love the table, no more whips then kathie???

Ruth.... said...

That horse is in disguise....hehe