Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Geez my Man is Clever

How clever is my Man he is currently building two more bedrooms for our house and they are out the front where the balcony used to be and he has done everything himself he had some help from Nana and Grandad with gyprock lifting and the tin on the roof while they were here but other than that he's done it all himself and I have volunteered to paint it when its ready to be painted. The rooms are for P and T so they have their own rooms. The only ones that will them be sharing a room is J and K and they will be right sharing as they are the youngest.


Anonymous said...

Dude, very cool, I have a sunroom that needs doing if you are interested....LOL, Love Tye x

kerry said...

Can we pay to stay in one of those rooms for your wedding?
Tell mark to put a fridge in their too for a mini bar lol
Looks great!

roseys madhouse said...

lol hey thats cool who would you prefer to share with ??? Pj or Tiff lol