Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter Time with the Brady Brunch

Well this is our first official Easter together and oh the joy of it all lol.
I went shopping today to get Easter eggs and I was walking through the centre with my trolley laden with Easter eggs lol. (I get the strangest looks from the people in the shopping centre)
Then had to leave the eggs with a friend in OPSM whilst I got the groceries from ALDI.
I must say though I picked the worst possible day to go shopping the shopping centre has just opened up a new section and its starting to look bigger and better almost like back in Melbourne for all my friends near my mum its nowhere near as your local centre but its almost to what that centre was originally lol.
I got myself a new pair of gold sleepers for only $19 from Micheal Hill jewellers and I had to laugh the lady says if they are for you, you should be looking at these earring s only $80 gold with diamonds, now as much as I would have liked them I said "No thanks I have 6 children and cant afford them at this time of the year and with a wedding to plan thanks but no thanks the sleepers will be enough lol"
It was fun though and new Gloria Jeans so can I get a decent cuppa now instead of Donut King lol.
Then I had to get back home because the kids had Easter Hat parade at school and that was fun to see and the effort some "children" ( I don't think a lot of kids actually made theirs) made is incredible some people have far too much time on their hands, maybe next year will be different for us because we wont be trying to save pennies for a wedding.
Oh well that's what been going on around here the wedding plans are going smoothly so here's hoping lol......................................


Ruth.... said...

hehe..there's a story, you lovely lady! (Now all you need is an 'Alice') Happy easter you guys. Should've seen D. He bogged down an easter egg and later when I got home (at 3am) his poor Dad was really concerned. "omg he's like spewing out this dark brown stuff" hehe...I muttered "Just Chocolate..I'm goin' ta bed." Poor kids yells "disgusting" everytime he sees a Chocolate egg now...I bet he'll never eat one again, knowin' D. (He's getting more like B every #$%^*& day.)

roseys madhouse said...

you know P did the same thing when K was only 10 weeks old and he still eats chocolate like it is never being available again. He learnt for the next year but this year it was like "ah who cares"

Kerry said...

I remember that Easter Kath..we were camping and did an easter egg hunt outside the tents for the kids..and p was soooo sick! I wish chocolate had that affect on me!