Monday, April 23, 2007

OMG What a surprise

Ok let me start at the beginning.

I went to take T to netball on Saturday morning and K had a birthday party to go to on the same day but three hours later than netball but instead of coming home we decided to stay in town and do some shopping and then go to the party.

Well my lovely Sil rang me a couple of times that morning about computer swap meets and other things that I honestly don't remember because just getting phone calls from her is great ( we could talk everyday and still find things to talk about).

Any hoo we get home after the party to find M home sitting in his shed but the boys nowhere to be seen he then tells me that they are out fishing in the boat. I'm like" Cool" then he says I'm not sure if they have life jackets on though. I was not happy so I go to the boat ramp looking for the boat, ( the rules of the boat is that when the boys are out in the boat on their own they stay where we can see them at all times and they wear life jackets) so here I am looking for them and of course I cant see them anywhere I whistle a couple of times( they normally hear me when I whistle). Ok by this time I am freaking out worrying about where they are picturing them treading water.

Did I happen to mention that my Mum and Dad were due to arrive anytime from Melbourne?

Well guess what they turn up while I'm at the boat ramp, so I head home with the girls and greet them and give them lots of kisses and tell them all about what has been going on since I returned home.

Then I hear my youngest boy C yelling out to his dad about his fishing and I start running down to the boat ramp to rip shreds from them and tell them that they are never to go out in the boat again on their own.

I get down there and I see this other guy there and Im thinking who is that? Why is there someone I don't know near my boys and their boat?? Mind you their Dad is there tieing the boat up, and then this bloke turns around and its my big little brother!!!!!!!!!!

I scream "OMG what are you doing here????" and of course for all of you out there that know him you could imagine his tone " I'm fishing what do you think?"

Any way the kids where off the hook because Uncle Mot was with them and they had an absolute ball. He was only here for two nights but the kids followed him around everywhere and our oldest D was hanging on his every word lol.

I am so glad he came for a visit and he left this morning and the boys are going to be lost today not having him here to follow around lol. K will miss him too she woke up this morning saying "Wheres Mot"?

I'm glad he will be back in only 10 days with the rest of the family.

Thanks Uncle Mot


Ruth.... said...

You rock, Uncle Mot!!!

Kerry said...

Awesome blog!
Love the photo!
I'm so glad that Tom got to visit you guys while he was in sydney for work.
But I must admit the kids and I were sooooo jealous. The phone calls were pulling on the heart strings...knowing you guys were fishing and having heaps of was great to hear you and your little bro bagging each other and in fits of old times lol!
I promise to blog tomorrow xoxox

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

I wish I had an uncle Mot!!