Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well it has been two weeks of dieting and let me tell you it still is a daily struggle. I wish I liked salad then maybe I could just live on that lol.
I had my weigh in and measure yesterday and I am pleased to announce I lost another 1.5 kilos and have lost 10 cms off my hips. I cant believe after all the excercise that I have not lost off my waist as it feels smalller???
Maybe its just in my head? Well at least they are loses though.
Well I must go M has taken the kids for a drive so I can go for a walk, so I better go


Kerry said...

Congrats sil!

Talk to you on Friday...hopefully you will lose another 1.5 to reach the big 5kg.

Anonymous said...

YOu GO GIRL!!! Yay for you!!!

Rick said...

Keep it up - those are great results!!

Mum-me said...

Good for you with the weight loss success! I admire anyone who can be stong-willed enough to lose weight (meaning I am not one of those people!) I saw your comment on Dawn's sunday sound out - about the possums. I am also an aussie mum of 6, and I thought the same thing when I saw her photo of the opossum on her son's window sill. Our possums look much cuter.