Saturday, February 09, 2008

Im on my way

Well I am losing weight I have lost three kilos in thr first week WOO HOO!!!!!!!
I found it hard the first two days but now its great.
I get up in the morning before the alarm goes off and do 50 sit ups, push ups and squats ( I started on Monday and started with 30 reps) on the fit ball so I dont hurt my back.
I have changed my eating habits completely which is great.
Heres to week 2!!!!


Rick said...

Very congrat's Rose-a-roo.

In response to your question: The egg-man is basically at tiny circle with arms and legs I've I sketched into almost all of my illustrations somewhere. Your's too.

Thanks for dropping in.

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Go Sweetie!!! So proud of you, keep up the great work, I know you can do it!!!

Kerry said...

3kgs in one!!!

Well done sil!

Let me know how you go on Friday!!