Saturday, March 03, 2007

thoughts on this please

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to tell you about an experience I had at the Aquatic Centre tonight which absolutely appalled me.
I have 6 children, three boys and three girls ageing from 11 being the oldest and 3 being the youngest and we go to the aquatic centre every Friday night for swimming lessons and have done for the last three terms.
Well tonight I came out of the change rooms to find out that two mothers had complained to the staff that I had my 8 and 6 year old boys in the females change rooms.
The staff told me that I could use the disabled toilet which is only big enough for a wheelchair to fit in, not 5 young children and one adult to have a shower. As I said to them how do I do that without my three year old attempting to play with the toilet and sanitary disposal unit?
I can not believe that in this day and age where it is not safe to let your children even go to a disabled toilet on their own for fear of them getting attacked that these mothers would complain?
When we go into the change rooms to get changed I get the boys (the 8 & 6 yr olds) changed and straight out to sit with their older brother. The staff suggests that I tag team them in the disabled toilets and do one at a time so then I have to leave my 11 yr old son to watch 4 children around a pool while I do one at a time? What happens when a disabled person needs to use the toilet do I then get into trouble for being in the disabled toilet?
The staff tell me that the change room legislation is that a 6 year old boy should not be in a ladies change room??? I don’t understand how that can be though.
I tried to look up the legislation on the internet but couldn’t find anything out through google.
I am hoping that maybe you could shed some light on the legislation for me though.
Needless to say though the aquatic centre has now lost my business and I had 5 children attending swimming lessons.
Pissed Off


Ruth.... said...

It does get trickier as the boys get older. I noticed M's curiosity at our last trip to the pool (luckily nobody else did! hehe)....but I'm with you. There is no way known I'd let him alone in the mens changerooms. It is hard for us mums of large families...trying to manage all the kids appropiately for their ages is a real juggle sometimes. I think you do a great job even attempting the pool. I wonder, though if you should reconsider your idea of swimming lessons...You have every right to be there and now you and the kids are missing out on something so fun and beneficial. After noticing M gawking in the changerooms (he wasn't being naughty but it was a bit inappropriate) I just got him out of the pool, left him in his togs, dried him off and bought him an icecream to eat before he hopped in the car. He was dry enough to go home. After seeing that B just did it was good 'cos the babies hated waiting around stuffed in the pram. Idealy though...pools must have family change rooms. This would save alllll this hassle! Hang in there,'re doin' fine.

roseys madhouse said...

I am going to get the kids swimming lessons but here in town there is a lady that does it in her own pool and she is a qualified teacher she is getting a bigger pool so once she does this I will get the kids in for lessons as I feel they really need them for their own safety. Thanks darl if only they had a family room this never would have happened.