Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Virus

Yes we also were hit with the virus that is going around and thank god we all didn't get it together unfortunately though someone had it 2-3 days after someone else though so just when I thought I had the washing all done and trying to get the linen dry someone else decided that it was their turn.
I tell you what though I have got a Saint of a fiance` because when it hit me and I crashed at 4:30 in the afternoon he did it all and by that I mean he fed all the kids and then bathed them and put them all to bed and also tended to me if I needed anything.(God Bless him)
But thankfully we are all over it now and back to eating normally again lol.
I went to Port Macquarie today to go to Target and found it to be an absolutely gorgeous place and full of Australian history about the convicts, we are going there on Sunday to pick up our new dining table and chairs and I plan on making a day of history for the kids lol. Im sure they will love it but bad luck if they don't I am interested in it lol.
Mind you it is 93kms away so it will be a day out and picnic lunch and thank god for the dvd player in the car to keep them amused and not niggle at each other lol.
Other than that not much happening here in sunny Nabiac ...........
till later


Anonymous said...

Poor sweethearts we sympathize completely as we have had the flu and head lice yet again after only 4 days back at school!!!! Arielle is starting to call them her pets haaa

Anonymous said...

sorry Kathie forgot password as you xxxx Sara

Ruth.... said...

93 kms to the nearest Target store, eh, Kath? My god how do you do it?!?!

hehe I'm sure you cope....all the best, Ruth xx

Ruth.... said...

hehe..the word verification was "eewie" on a posting about tummy viruses. Very twilight

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Hey I love Port, I lived there for a year and my Nana still does! It didnt have a Target then though.... mind you that was 16 years ago!! Glad you are all better x