Friday, April 07, 2006

Not long to go now
Its actually quite amazing how you think that time is just dragging on and yet when I look at it, I only have 3 weeks till I go. I cant wait till I move though then when I do a new posting it may be more interesting than this one lol.
I am slowly getting the packing done but it is hard to know what to pack and what to leave out for another three weeks because what will we need??? I have done all the tops of the wardrobes and managed to throw a heap of things away, but I am also finding things that I should have thrown away years ago like my drivers test lol( yes sil I can hoard things lol).
I cant believe how much one person can accumulate over such a short time on her own though. I have far too may shoes and shoes from years ago I look at and think hmmm can I give them to Sil or should I throw them in the salvo bin???
This post really is a bit of a waffle but Sil tells me I should still post between packing which I should be doing lol.
I better go do some more. C has three friends coming after school today so I wont be able to do much later and P wants me to go to school at 2 as they are doing "scoobies" ( plastic bracelet thingies lol ). So if I don't do some now I wont get a chance.
Till later.......................................


Ruth.... said...

By Toad or by frog I'm the first to your blog. hehe Good luck packing..I can't wait for our dinner out. Talk soon. Ruth xxx

kerry said...

Happy that you are packing and getting organised, but deep down so sad that you're leaving!

Ruth.... said...

Kath..if you're finding strange tiny blobs of soft smelly plastic around the place...that would be scoobie-do-do..wouldn't it? lol

roseys madhouse said...

Im finding those darl but they are not blobs they are the cut offs lol