Friday, March 17, 2006

Whats been happening with me
Well I would hate for Ruth to go more mental as she has stated lol. I went to mums for 5 days for a "holiday" as mum put it and believe me it didnt feel like a holiday but then when I got home I realised just how little I actually did over there lol.
It was great to catch up with the friends I did catch up with and see how big all the kids are gettting.
I'm very excited with my life ahead of me and what it could hold going to Gloucester in two more sleeps and then if things work out will be moving to Northern NSW in about 6-8 weeks, M has bought a house across from the river which is fantastic here are a few snaps of the house and the river for fishing and there is apparently a swimming hole just up the road. Well when we get back I will post about our trip and let you know how we went. Love ya all


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

something you want to update me on Kathie???

Ruth.... said...

Hey Kathie...great to hear you're feelin' excited..the photos look great. Nubi-where??? Put your slow going thinking cap on lovey....if its all meant to be it will be..don't speed through it..enjoy it!! We all adore you, Kathie, but I'm worried that you're not taking enough time. (I know, I know..I'm sounding like an old grannie..kick my butt if you like! lol) talk soon..Ruth xxx