Sunday, April 16, 2006

What wonderful friends I have
Thankyou to all my friends and their kind wishes about me moving on. I had the most fun ever last night out at dinner with my great friends. Ruth never seems to amaze me how calm she can remain in a time most of us would loose the plot.Thankyou Ruth for making me laugh harder than I have in a long long time.
My fabulous sister in law also picked me up and took me home which I totally appreciate and thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with yesterday.
Ruth gave K a new beanie made out of snowy rushworth which I will let her post a photo on her blog though as advertising for her. I will miss everyone but know that I will be able to catch up with everyone through the technology of the internet. So don't stress you cant loose me that easily lol.
I have packed almost everything but I think I need to wait till the kids are back at school, too hard to do with them running around.


kerry said...

Great food, drinks, conversation and company...what more could we ask for for your last supper!
I had a great night...sadly last outing b4 ur departure to Nabiac.
I will save the tissues for next week when you pick the kids up from Nana's and say Goodbye.

roseys madhouse said...

come on love please dont shed any tears of sadness only ones of happiness for me, because you know Im going to be happy now finally so just remember that for me darl. Also remember with the power of the internet we will still chat to each other on a regular basis xoxoxo

Ruth.... said...

hehe calm, eh?...I wasn't calm, I was excited!! (If you ever see me calm you have to poke me with a stick to make sure I'm still alive!!) All the best for your big move...let us all know how you go. Ruth xx

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