Thursday, February 01, 2007

Super Nana & The Mice

You know its funny I have always thought my mum to be pretty amazing and talented with the way she has handled a lot of things that has happened in her life and in mine, but the other day I must tell you she excelled.

Now as you all know I have written about the mouse problem I have been having here lately, well Nana and I went shopping and bought heaps of rat and mouse bait and have been leaving them in cupboards and up in the box in the lounge room ceiling (where the upstairs toilet pipe is).

Well guess what it is working a treat and so there was this odour of something dead in our house on Tuesday and then we found a few really sick mice but the smell was still here, So, on Wednesday Nana says "Lets have a look up in that part of the ceiling where we can hear them". So I go get the ladder and the mirror (so we can see in as it is a box which is really hard to describe but you cant just look over and see into it), and up I climb onto the ladder and ever so wearily put the mirror so I can see and grandad and Nana are saying you have to put it in further than that giggling to themselves about how scared I am, so I say back to them "I am not even happy about being up here in the first place" (I hate mice), so Nana says" get down I'll have a look".

Well we checked the whole thing out and found a dead mouse and a skeleton of what looks like a rat, Nana said get the vacuum and we'll suck it out, let me tell you I was not looking forward to that happening either and was starting to feel queasy in the stomach, anyway I get the vacuum and away she goes and we think we have it so she gets down packs everything away and she opens the vacuum with me standing about 5 meters away just in case it wasn't dead and now its a really pissed off mouse, and guess what it wasn't in there.

So she goes and gets the ladder again looks and its still in there so she gets a freezer bag and pulls it out and throws it away. Now at this stage I am telling her how much of a legend she is and how I would never be able to do anything remotely like that as she is washing her hands three times lol. But I couldn't believe how she just got up there and did it, the woman is incredible.

I hope that when one of my daughters has a problem when she is older that I too can reach deep down inside and pull out half of the courage that she showed and be able to help them.

Good on you Mum I love you


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Nanna, YOU ROCK! Love Tye x

Ruth.... said...

You know Nana, you could hire yourself out as a Hire-a-Nana...I'd have you over in a flash!

nana said...

Wow! I didn't think it was any big thing. But I am so pleased to see that you feel that way. I was a little stuck for words, Thank you darling.XXXXXXOOOOOOOO

roseys madhouse said...

you deserve it

Kerry said...

Who was to know that we have our very own nana version of Steve Irwin....The Mice Hunter lol.

Well done Nana..but can you get rid of pigeons nesting in a patio?? No matter how many times we move the nest, she keeps coming back...arrrghhh!