Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The new bedroom suite

Well now we all (well almost all) have our own rooms we decided to get C a new bedroom suite (the neighbours down the road had it in their shed and we got it really cheap). He loves it and so do I, no more trying to make everything fit into tiny drawers.
He has an abundance of drawers now. The only thing is he cant reach up to hang things back up in the wardrobe, but he will eventually and the great thing is this will do him for years.
I didn't so much like it when we looked at it in the shed but in the room it looks great.


nana said...

Wow cool bed room C I love it so does Grandad. You are spoilt.Love Nana

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Very Cool, what is it with your family and new furniture.....? LOL Love Tyex

roseys madhouse said...

no thats it now for a long time hopefully
well K needed a bed and if we took C's because it had the sides on it then he needed one to sleep on lol. But thats it

Kerry said...

Looks like a big boys room now!