Thursday, January 25, 2007

Nana and Grandads visit

Well we have had Nana and Grandad visiting us for the last 13 days and still got another 6 days to go. I held off from telling the kids so as to surprise them and let me tell you it was sooo hard to do, but I did it just lol. The got here on a Friday afternoon at 3:30 after driving straight through. Nana is amazing she did most of the driving Grandad drove about 100km but Nana did the rest (how I don't know).
The kids have just loved having them here they have been fishing everyday at least twice everyday. We've been shopping also and I finally got Nana to buy some new clothes for herself which she only tends to do every ten years or so, but she did and she looks amazing in them.
Grandad spoilt the boys by buying them an amazing amount of tackle,which by the way they are going through so quickly (lots of snags).
I also bought myself a pair of shoes called "Crocs" you know the new beach shoes everyone is wearing well they are incredibly comfortable and now Nana and Grandad own a pair of them too lol.
It also amazes me at the patience that they have with the kids I cant handle going fishing with the two younger boys as all they do is cast the line in then reel it in they don't give the fish the chance to even smell the bait they are using, how they even catch any fish I don't know they must just be throwing the hooks straight into their mouths.
Nana has helped me out heaps though with things I don't normally get a chance to do like clean out the cupboards to try get rid of the mice that I have in the house. I have mouse bait every where now in holes throughout the house. I can still hear them though its a bit like that movie "Mouse hunt" the mouse is taunting me.
Im going to miss Nana and Grandad when they go home I have tried convincing them that they should buy a house here, but they just wont be in it they both say but then we have the other two grandchildren back home they we wont see. So we will just have to see them a few times a year which will do. I am so glad though that when they are not here I can still talk to them everyday on the pc or on the mobile.


Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Sounds like a great visit!

I have 7 cats here if you need help with

roseys madhouse said...

We got a kitten and the other day we had a mouse and I put the cat near it to catch it and the cat just looked at it then at me as if to say "You've got to be kidding me" lmao So I may need one in a little while lol

Kerry said...

What a great post!
I think you better win tatts and buy them a holiday home there.

Can you believe that we will see you all in exactly 100 days time...wooo hooo! The countdown begins!

Ruth.... said...

A great posting...loved it. Hey I had trouble with (wild) mice in the shed. I caught them straight away with those blue and yellow topple traps from Bunnings and they were only $2. It never missed. All the best, Ruth. Say hi to everyone for me!

roseys madhouse said...

yeah I got one of those mouse traps Ruth but it doesnt really help the problem as I dont want them to come back if you get my drift lol

Ruth.... said...

hehe..we used to walk them down to that big power pole and let them go in the SEC shed..but don't tell anyone.