Saturday, June 10, 2006

The kitchen

here we have the kitchen now the order they go in are as starts with the photo of the cooktop which is electric and to the left of the cooktop is where the oven is and its on the wall and also electric and the door folds down and then pushes in so it create more space, then is the photo fo my cool canisters and kettle ( I think of tyes cow obsession everytime I use them lol), then we have the sink shot and I can see the kids playing in the back yard when I do the dishes which is great, then to the right of the sink which has the microwave in it and I just took all those hooks out as we dont use them all the coffee cups are in the cupboard above the kettle, and then last we have the fridge there is a pantry next to the fridge which I am going to have to put on a new blog as I can only fit 5 photos at a time. I have cupboards above the benches and below so lots of space to store stuff

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Ruth.... said...

4 mugs hangin' on the for Tye, Kerry, Kath and Ruth...hehe (white, no sugar)