Saturday, May 20, 2006

Well I have finally got time to sit and blog
It hasnt taken too long but I am finally back online again its amazing how you find other things to do when you dont have the internet to sit and surf on lol.
I am loving my new life and now wondering how I ever lived in victoria lol. Its soo good being in a small community but still having the luxury of the shopping only 27 klms away, the kids have settled in so well and making friends not been asked to have friends over yet but sure it will come. The kids are out riding their push bikes every day and its great that I dont have to worry about them riding around out the front of the house we are the second to last house in the street so not much traffic comes this way at all only 7 houses in the whole street.I think we are all on at least half an acre each also. I still have to lock snoodle up every time we go out as she chases my car down the street and doesnt give up just keeps chasing me lol I end up laughing at her little legs going so fast and turn around and lock her up lol.
The kids all get along so well P loves having a big brother to copy and chase after all day long lol, D is still not used to it though lol, he'll get used to it eventually.
I also had the best mothers day I have ever had since I've been a mother.
It started off by the kids all coming in and giving me their gifts that they all bought me, then getting up and M making brekky bacon and eggs for everyone ( except me dont like bacon just eggs for me lol), then the kids cleaned up the mess and then went outside and played around and then M asked me to marry him and gave me a gorgeous engagement ring and I said yes. Then we went to a park not far from us on the water and the boys fished all day and the girls played but I didnt have to chase one child all day M did it all and I sat there and watched them all and had a drink.
M said to me that night that he was absolutely buggered worse than when he goes to work and I said "Well now you know how I feel" lmao.
We all had a great time though which was fantastic.


Ruth.... said...

Omg!! big news!! All the very best you two...and to you all. (hehe lonnnggg string of flower girls and page boys..!!)

kerry said...

Woo hoo you have returned to the land of blog, glad to have you back lol.
It was great news on Mothers Day morning to hear that Mark proposed.
Will have to save my pennies now for the engagement/bday party.
Miss ya heaps!

Merry Munchkin Designs said...

Congratulations Kathie!!!! We are so happy for you and so glad to see you have settled in so quickly!
How is life with the Brady Bunch lol!! Cannot wait to see some pictures Love Tye.